The unknown link between the Leeds de Bielsa star and Chilean players

12th minute at Anfield. It is the first date and Liverpool beats the recently promoted Leeds, led by Marcelo bielsa, and that it redebutes in the Premier League after 16 years. A long pass from the visitor is received by Jack Harrison on the left wing, who eludes Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez, to finally finish off Alisson’s near post. Golazo. All the applause is for the English steering wheel, figure of the Peacocks and that he has an unknown link with some Chilean footballers.

The 23-year-old’s career began in the universities of the United States, far from the millions of glances that are put every weekend in front of televisions to see the division of honor of England. Leon Silva (21), a former youth from the Catholic University and who also left for the North American country in search of combining football and studies, managed to meet the Leeds star when he went to Berkshire to attend his last years of school education in 2016.

“I got there after leaving the UC Sub-17, thanks to coach John Moodey, who had seen my videos and began to make arrangements with the One Sports agency for me to leave. He was the same one who brought Jack Harrison. From the outset, they began to tell me about him, who had actually graduated two years earlier, but he was already a legend there. Last year at Berkshire he was voted Gatorade Player of the Year and by the time I arrived, he belonged to New York City and shared with players like Pirlo, Villa, and others “Silva tells AS, who would later have the opportunity to share personally with Harrison.

“Once there, an outing was organized to see a Jack game. I went, I met him and back I brought my brother a New York City jersey signed by him. Imagine the value he has now that he scored against Liverpool “, recalls the young national player, who replicated the same path of the midfielder born in Stoke-on-Trent: years later he arrived at Black Rock, a team that recruits the best players in the area from the prep schools. There, Harrison is a benchmark and does not forget the institution, even though he now performs in the highest competition.

León Silva, former Berkshire and Black Rock player.

He even visited them for a crucial game that season. So remember Juan Pablo Widoycovich (21), Chilean who today studies a major in Economics at Hobart College and who, that year, also wore the colors of Black Rock FC: “It was the most important meeting and he visited us, gave us a motivational talk in the dressing room and he told me that it was a great opportunity to show himself, that there were many coaches from different teams there and that, in addition, it was against the classic rival, so in the end he stressed to us that we had to win whatever it was.

Harrison served as an inspiration for both Silva and Widoycovich, who dream of following in his footsteps. Both share, with the British midfielder, the fact that they were champions alongside Berkshire and Black Rock.

“I see Jack scoring at Anfield a couple of weeks ago and I’m proud to say that we went to the same school a while ago., and that I shared with him. Opportunities like this are only given by football ”, declares Widoycovich. His former teammate complements: “I had the opportunity in Berkshire to go to London to do the preseason and face Crystal Palace. I felt more professional than ever and to keep climbing is an illusion that remains latent ”.

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