The unusual absence of the president of the Philippines


The unusual absence of the President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, the focus of attention has fueled last weekend the speculations of the local press about a possible hospitalization of the president, whose public appearances and grandiloquent speeches regularly occupy the headlines of the country and the international press.

According to local media, the last time the 74-year-old Filipino leader was seen in public was when he cast his ballot in Parliamentary election Mid-term on May 13, it seems that Duterte's allies have swept the opposition, according to the partial recount. The Electoral Commission of the Philippines postponed the announcement of the final results on Tuesday for the third time.

According to the official version, the president was signing documents in his residence.

Both the media pressure and the theories shared by the citizens in the social networks caused that its spokesman, Salvador Panelo, had to leave on Sunday to the fore dispel the rumors a day after newspapers claimed that the president was hospitalized in Manila since Friday. "Let me assure the nation that if there is something wrong with the president's health serious enough to be of concern, he will tell us," Panelo said without confirming or denying that he had passed through the hospital. According to the official version, the president was signing documents in his residence.

A former Duterte, Bong Go, helped counteract the conjectures by sharing a photograph of the leader sitting at a table and holding a copy of the newspaper The Philippine Star Sunday. Meanwhile, her daughter and the mayor of the city of Davao, Sara Duterte, said she had not received any news that her father was sick, reported May 19 on Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The president suffers from Barrett's esophagus, a condition in which the cells grow abnormally in the esophagus and sometimes can turn into cancer. In October of last year the president acknowledged having undergone during a secret visit to the hospital an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to rule out serious diseases such as a tumor. In addition, Duterte has previously acknowledged having daily migraines, spinal problems and a disease that affects the blood vessels called Buerger's disease, caused by the habit of smoking.

The president suffers from Barrett's esophagus


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