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The unusual reason why football has not stopped in Belarus

by drbyos

The Belarusian League is the only one that has not stopped worldwide. Find out the reason why football continues in this country

Hugo Avalos

The soccer league of Belarus she is the only one in the world who has decided not to stop. This has to do with the position of the president of your nation, Aleksandr Lukashenko, who refuses to believe that the pandemic of coronavirus be real.

The pandemic It has slowed down all sports competitions around the world. Football, basketball, motorsport and even leagues Olympic Games they have had to be postponed due to the situation in the world.

However, in Belarus, football continues despite the coronavirus. This is because President Aleksandr Lukashenko is suspicious of the pandemic. In fact, they have known each other in the last hours controversial statements yours regarding COVID-19 virus.

“The coronavirus is just another psychosis that it will benefit some people and harm others. The civilized world is going crazy, “he said. And he also said:” Instead of panicking ‘like those in Western Europe’, his people should drink four or five glasses of vodka daily, go to a Russian sauna two or three times a week and keep working on a big farm. Good hard work and a tractor can cure anything

This opinion of Lukashenko may cause future consequences for his disobedience. In any case, the Belarusian League has had an exponential increase in interest in countries such as Russia Y Ukraine, who have acquired the rights to televising of said competition.

Belarus only has 86 cases of infected by coronavirus and no fatality, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization.

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