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The US attorney claims that Assange has put people’s lives at risk

A lawyer representing the United States in the founder of Wikileaks Julian AssangeJulian Paul Assange Protesters in the UK ask the government to refuse Assange’s extradition to the United States attorney who defends the DOJ’s initial recommendation to lawyers who sentenced Stone to seek asylum for Assange in France: report OTHERExtradition proceedings alleged Monday in a British court that Assange endangered American lives through the material he published.

James Lewis told the court that Assange, who is wanted by the United States for 18 years of conspiracy to hack government devices and violate the Espionage Act, has conspired about hacking with an informer Chelsea ManningChelsea Elizabeth Manning Singer of suitors Chrissie Hynde urges Trump to join efforts to free the United Nations official from Assange, according to which the United States is torturing Chelsea Manning with detention Trump’s intervention on the military judicial system was legal and fair OTHER, Reuters reported. The case is a rare use of the Espionage Act against a publisher himself rather than their source.

Lewis rejected the defense’s argument that Assange risked a prison sentence of up to 170 years as hyperbole and claimed that Assange published the untreated names of journalists, dissidents and whistleblowers in Iraq and Afghanistan, endangering his life .

Lewis went on to argue that some of the sources whose names had not been changed had subsequently disappeared, CNBC reported, although he claimed that this cannot be definitively linked to the publication of WikiLeaks material.

Assange’s attorney Edward Fitzgerald argued that the charges against Assange could open the door to prosecuting investigative journalism, and the publisher’s attorneys told Sunday’s Wall Street Journal that a verdict could take years and will appeal. to any decision in favor of extradition.

Fitzgerald also said during Monday’s hearing that Assange would be a suicide risk if extradited, Reuters said, stating that extradition was a political consideration after President Obama said he made a decision not to take further actions against Assange in 2013, he left office.

President TrumpDonald John Trump Schiff blows up Trump for making “false claims” about Russia’s information: “You have betrayed America. Again. ‘ Poll: Sanders leads the 2020 democratic camp with 28 percent, followed by Warren and Biden More than 6 out of 10 predict that Trump will be re-elected: poll OTHER he came to power with a new approach to free speech and a new hostility towards the press, which is tantamount to declaring war on investigative journalists, “said Fitzgerald.


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