The US conferred a $ 7.6 billion cloud contract on General Dynamics


PHOTO FILE: General Dynamics signal is shown at the International Association of Police Leaders conference in San Diego, California, October 17, 2016. REUTERS / Mike Blake

(Reuters) – The US General Services Administration and the Department of Defense said on Thursday that they awarded a $ 7.6 billion cloud computing contract for CSRA LLC Corp. General General Dynamics and its partners.

The contract, called Solutions Office of Defense Enterprise (DEOS), is aimed at replacing the Department of Defense IT office functions and providing tools such as word processing, email, collaboration, file sharing and storage, said the agency / 2NFy05q in a statement. It has been for 10 years.

Earlier this month, the Pentagon decided to set up a $ 10 billion cloud computing contract to be awarded, called Cloud, Entrepreneurial Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure, or JEDI, after US President Donald Trump said that her administration at Inc. tender examination had made complaints from other technology companies.

In July, lawmakers stated that JEDI only met part of the Department of Defense's need for cloud services and that any unnecessary delay would damage the security of the country and increase the costs of the contract.

Reporting by Mehla Raina in Bengaluru

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