The US recorded the first deaths from the virus weeks before it was created

Two people with coronavirus died in Santa Clara County, California, on February 6 and 17, as revealed by a medical researcher, which makes them thefirst documented victims of Covid-19 in the United States.

Until now, the first pandemic fatalities were thought to have occurred in Kirkland, Washington state, on February 29. Authorities had previously indicated that the first deceased in Silicon Valley was March 9, but the Santa Clara medical investigator revealed Tuesday thatthere were also deaths from Covid-19 on February 6 and 17 as well as on March 6.

“These three peopledied at home at a time when very few tests were available“Only through the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the county said in a statement.

“Thecriteria for testing set by the CDC then limited the test to only people with known travel historyand that they would have requested medical attention for specific symptoms, “he said, noting that since the investigation of deaths in the county has not been completed,” we anticipate that additional Covid-19 deaths will be identified. “

Silicon Valley was one of the first outbreaks of coronavirus. Almost 2,000 cases and eight deaths have been registered so far. The information would confirm fears that the virus may have been circulating in California earlier than initially thought.

Jeffey Smith, a doctor who the chief executive of the Santa Clara County Government had already said a few days ago that data collected by the CDC, local health departments and others suggested the presence of the coronavirus “much earlier than we think. initially “probably” since December “. “We didn’t recognize him because we were in the middle of the flu season“Smith stressed in an interview.” The symptoms are very similar to those of the flu. If you have a mild case of Covid-19, you really don’t notice it. You don’t even go to the doctor. The doctor may not even have done it because he assumed it was the flu, “he argued.

United States isthe country most affected by the coronavirus, with 825,306 infected people and more than 45,000 fatalities. On the last day, another 2,441 deaths and 39,500 cases have been added, a record number.


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