The US suspends all flights to Venezuela from its territory

The United States Department of Transportation has ordered this Wednesdaythe suspension of all passenger and cargo flights to Venezuelafrom its territory, citing information about insecurity around the airports of the South American country.

In a letter to the Department of Transportation requesting approval of the measure, the Department of Homeland Security argued that"Conditions in Venezuela threaten the safety of passengers, aircraft, and crews traveling to or from that country."

The political crisis in Venezuela worsened on January 10, when Nicolás Maduro decided to start a second term of six years that neither the opposition nor a large part of the international community recognize because they believe that the presidential elections of May 20 were a fraud.

In response, the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself interim president on January 23 with the aim of stopping the "usurpation", creating a transitional government and holding "free elections". The United States, most of the Latin American countries, including Colombia, and numerous Europeans, including Spain, have recognized him.

The situation has worsened as a result of April 30, when Guaidó and a liberated Leopoldo López captained a military uprising that, according to the US version, was frustrated by the intervention of Russia and Cuba.

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