The US women's soccer team leads the campaign for equal pay


They did not play just for them. His victory is only sporting. Its cause transcends the field of play. Therefore, when United States women's soccer team scored the goal that made them, for the fourth time in their history and for second consecutive, world champion, something extraordinary happened. Driven by American fans, a scream flooded the Stadium of
Lyon: "Equal pay, equal pay!" Some came out of the bowels.

More than one billion viewers from all over the world have followed this world on television, a absolute record for women's football that shows that it has stopped being a curiosity to become a first-class sports show. The economic reward to these women, however, is much less than if they were men. Four million dollars for the champions, as part of a total pot of 30 million, embarrassingly far from the prize that the men of the French team won when they won the 2018 World Cup in Moscow, 38 million dollars.

The 8-M, the athletes filed a complaint against the soccer federation for wage and labor discrimination

Led by the charismatic and brave Megan Rapinoe, on March 8, International Women's Day, the entire team filed a complaint against the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) for wage and work discrimination. They win many more games than men and attract more viewers, but they charge much less than they do. When they are the ones who play, the pay per athlete ranges between $ 5,000 and $ 17,000, regardless of the result of the match. On the other hand, they do not have a minimum of four Olympic medals. They only charge if they are ranked in the top 10 of FIFA and if they win. When traveling, their conditions are also worse than theirs. Neither in Spain there is salary equality between the men's and women's football teams.

The lawsuit against the USSF put an extra burden on these women's backs, more pressure, more comments. But every goal, every game won has doubled to victory. They have fulfilled. What will happen now? Following the pressure, FIFA has announced that the next women's world will double the amount of the prizes to 60 million dollars. The distance with respect to the reward to the men, nevertheless, that year will increase, retorted Rapinoe the day before yesterday. In 2022, the total prize for males will go from 400 to 440 million. It is time to stop talking about the issue and take action, he claimed.

With her unmistakable blonde short hair, now with pink highlights, Megan Rapinoe is the true leader of the team. In 2012 he made his homosexuality public and together with his partner, the basketball player Sue Bird, they have embraced the cause of the defense of the rights of LGTBQ athletes and against discrimination in general and they have expressed themselves, without hairs in the language, against some measures of the Trump Administration. On Sunday, he stood up when the national anthem sounded but he fell silent and did not raise his hand to his chest, as he has done years ago in protest against systematic racism against blacks in the United States, just like other athletes.

When asked a few days ago if he would accept an invitation from Donald Trump to celebrate his victory, he replied that he did not intend to go to "the fucking White House." "Megan should WIN before SPEAKING!" The president answered in a tweet. On Sunday, two hours after first lady Melania Trump congratulated the champions, the president said that "America is proud of all of them."

The triumphs of the women's soccer team have attracted attention in recent years for soccer in the country. His shirt is the best-selling football accessory in history on the Nike website in one season and there are more and more girls on the pitch. With their triumphs, Jessica McDonald, the only mother of the team, has given a new meaning to the term soccer mom, as mothers are called to patiently accompany the kids to training and football matches while their parents work. "We did it, mate!" He wrote on Instagram with his seven-year-old son.


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