The use of PV mini-grid in the new household segment is limited to a gimmick

JAKARTA, – Deputy General Chairman of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Bambang Eka Jaya said Indonesia has great potential to implement green energy through Rooftop Solar Power Plants (PLTS) in the household segment.

In addition to the large population, almost every day the entire area gets sun exposure.

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“The potential for implementing Rooftop PLTS is very large and can produce large amounts of energy, considering that every day various regions in Indonesia get exposure to sunlight,” said Bambang to, Tuesday (14/09/2021).

However, according to Bambang, the application of PLTS Roof for simple houses is quite expensive and will certainly burden consumers, the majority of whom are low-income people (MBR).

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Bambang admitted that REI has so far only provided PLTS Roofs for the middle and upper-middle house segments with house prices generally around Rp 1 billion.

“The Rooftop PLTS is installed in upper-middle-class houses that cost more than Rp. 1 billion. So if you add Rp. 14 million to the cost of using Rooftop PLTS, just consider it a promotional fee and not a problem,” he explained.

Not only that, REI said that currently the provision of PLTS Roofs was used only to a limited extent gimmick.

Therefore, people’s awareness of the use of renewable energy still needs to be increased.

“So far, if I’m honest, the Rooftop PLTS facility has been used as a gimmick marketing just. Therefore, public awareness of green energy It also needs to be improved,” he said.

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The government also needs to formulate policies so that the implementation of PLTS Roof can run effectively without having to burden the state finances, developers and also the community or consumers.

In addition, the government must also clarify what incentives will be given to consumers who use PLTS Roof and how much electricity cost savings will be obtained by consumers in using PV mini-grid. green energy compared to using conventional energy.

“Indonesia has relations with various countries, agencies in the world, especially those that focus on renewable energy, so that can be collaborated, for example by making solar panel manufacturers in the country or in other ways, so the price of installing PLTS Roof will be cheaper,” ” he said.


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