The Venezuelan catastrophe, indicators and dialogue

There are effects of the Venezuelan catastrophe that are not always recognized. There are dimensions of destruction that, to some extent, remain outside the radar of public opinion, invisible or in a second or third plane. These are issues that are hardly talked about, despite their indisputable relevance. The urgency of everyday problems makes certain matters invisible. For example: the destruction of Venezuela's statistical capabilities.

Venezuela is a country without indicators. What the phony regime calls the National Statistical System is simply a huge buffoonery. Go to the page of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) to verify, by itself, what I am talking about. Some examples: the data of the Normative Food Basket are stopped in 2014. The percentage variations of the National Consumer Price Index, in 2015 (although several of its sub-indicators only arrive until 2013). The most recent Economic Census corresponds to the years 2007 and 2008. The Survey of Large Industrial Companies to 2010-2011. The Balance of Payments summary is interrupted in the third quarter of 2013. The figures for Non-Oil Exports in October 2014. The figures for food consumption in the first half of 2014. Data related to Education or ending in 2012 or in 2013. The Basic Health Indicators end in 2011.

The chapter entitled "Missions" is almost a joke: five bar graphs dedicated to 2012. On the credibility that we can give to these figures, it will suffice to give an example: in that year (2012), the number of queries that would have made the Barrio Adentro Mission was superior to 594 million. Yes, you read correctly: more than 594 million queries. This means that, if we accept what was said by the greatest liar who has had Venezuelan history, Hugo Chávez, that Barrio Adentro was used by 18 million people, it means that each one of those 18 million users went to consultation. times for a year.

Who devotes his time and makes a tour of the web pages of Petróleos de Venezuela, Siderúrgica del Orinoco, Corpoelec, Corporación Venezolana de Guayana (and its twenty companies), will see the phenomenon of opacity: there are no production or sales figures. When there are some, they are data from five or more years ago. In all of them what swarms is propaganda: a string of falsehoods. The case of Invepal (the expropriated Venepal), is eloquent: the main informative offer of its web is a lampoon called Voz Obrera, which was published until 2016, which includes lies such as those related to the reduction of poverty, amen of pages and pages of verbiage about imperialism, the right or economic war. Any information about the production of INVEPAL? Zero. Nothing.

I will not dwell on a topic that would very soon run the risk of becoming repetitive: in our country, the institutions of the State, kidnapped by a band of criminals, do not report. Not even the Central Bank of Venezuela fulfills its obligation. Your website, I take this opportunity to comment, is tortuous, inefficient, irregular and dominated by absences. As expert economists say, it is a page designed to hide, lie or simply deny reality.

I have made this summary tour to add one more argument – another one – to that reality that Venezuelans and well-informed citizens of other countries, we recognize unequivocally: Venezuelan power is in the hands of a gang of criminals. The destruction of all the indicators -all without exception- is part of a model of behavior: it is the delinquent's desire to erase the traces of their crimes. The basic objective is to prevent, as far as possible, the dissemination of figures on infant mortality, morbidity, epidemics, murders, kidnappings and actions of crime. It is intended to impose an immense mantle of opacity that hides the unproductive, the collapse, the impoverishment, the landscape in ruins, in which our Venezuela is becoming. I just need one more example to show the extreme to which I refer: there is neither an institution, nor even the one that would have the obligation to inform about it, the Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Aliens -SAIME-, that has a data , only one, relative to the more than 4 million Venezuelans who have fled the country in the last five years.

It must be understood that these practices of concealment and lying are not accidental. They are an expression of the perverse nature, of the moral putrefaction of a power that kills and destroys, under all possible modalities and methods: it kills repressing, it kills with hunger, it kills with disease.

It is the spokesmen of this structure of criminals who have been sent to a new attempt at negotiation. To those who argue that today's situation is different from the innumerable failed attempts of the years 2016, 2017 and 2018, it must be said, they are right: today Venezuela is more destroyed; the deaths have grown; hunger and disease has expanded; the number killed by repression and crime continues to grow; Corruption, torture and abuse are on the rise, as is the liquidation of the legitimate National Assembly by the illegal, illegitimate and fraudulent entity called the National Constituent Assembly.

Is it with those tricksters and criminals who are expected to reach an agreement for free, transparent and fair elections? (tagsToTranslate) opinion (t) miguel (t) otero (t) venezuela

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