The vice president of Peru resigns from the interim presidency commissioned by Congress


Mercedes Aráoz has resigned from the vice-presidency of Peru and the interim presidency of the country commissioned by Congress, after the dissolution of the Parliament arranged by the Peruvian president, Martín Vizcarra.

Through a letter released on his Twitter account, Araóz addressed the president of the dissolved Parliament, Pedro Olaechea, to inform him of his irrevocable resignation to the post of second vice president of the Republic because "the constitutional order has been broken" in the country.

Araoz added that he hopes his resignation "will lead to the convening of general elections in the shortest possible time for the good of the country."

For his part, the president of the Permanent Commission of the Congress of Peru, Pedro Olaechea, has also refused to succeed Mercedes Aráoz and has assured that he will not take over in the interim presidency because he does not have the support of the Armed Forces .

Olaechea's message comes within the framework of the serious political crisis that Peru is experiencing since Monday, the president of the country, Martín Vizcarra, decided to dissolve Congress and call for early elections but the Legislative Chamber ignored his instruction and approved the temporary dismissal of Vizcarra and that the head of state assumed it provisionally Mercedes Aráoz, who on Tuesday decided to submit his resignation. .


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