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The victim speaks in the case of an attack on a Cleveland officer

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CLEVELAND (WJW) – A Cleveland police officer confronted a judge on Thursday on charges of criminal assault and, while doing so, the woman who is accused of attacking spoke to I-TEAM FOX 8.

Agent John Hawk is accused of breaking the woman’s nose
out of order.

Kali Ricci was standing in the corridor outside the classroom with
his face still shows evidence of his injuries. You said that you and the officer
he had an occasional friendship, and then the other night he broke into anger and he would
don’t allow her to leave her apartment.

She told I-TEAM that she is determined to get justice and speaks openly because she wants all women to have the courage to come forward when they feel they have been victims.

Ricci said, “As frightening as it is, all I have to say is you
I just have to tell the truth. “He added:” It is quite difficult, frightening
enough to do it. But now I’m here and I never thought of doing it. “

Hawk asked for a preliminary hearing on the evidence. This could happen in a few days or the case could be heard by a jury before then. The jury could recommend new charges, sending the case to the county court.

Ricci also said: “It became really physical and I wanted to do it
leave and he won’t let me go. “He added:” I am not afraid and I will
keep pushing because it’s not fair. He should no longer be a police officer. “

Cleveland police say the officer was suspended without pay as his case moves to court.


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