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The victory of the Slovenes, the Poles just behind the podium

The Slovenian national team won the last ski flying World Cup team competition at Letalnica (HS240) in Planica. The Norwegians came second and the Austrians third. The Poles finished the competition in fourth position.

As expected, the Slovenes were in the lead after the first round. The hosts, however, were second after Zigi Jelar’s jump (224.5 m). Peter Prevc (226 m) led the team of Robert Hrgota, while Timi Zajc (240.5 m) and Anze Lanisek (222.5 m) kept the first place.

The Norwegians were in the second position, even in the lead after the flight of Marius Lindvik (240 m). Ultimately, after the trials of Bendik Jakobsen Heggli (214 m), Johann Andre Forfang (226 m) and Halvor Egner Granerud (244 m), Alexander Stoeckl’s players were 15.6 points behind the Slovenes.

The third place at the halfway point was occupied by the Austrians, who were fourth for most of the series, after the performances of Michael Hayboeck (216 m), Daniel Tschofenig (211 m) and Manuel Fettner (222 m). Stefan Kraft led them to the podium position with a result of 237.5 meters.

The Poles started the competition in third place after Piotr Żyła (217 m). Then Dawid Kubacki (218.5 m) and Jakub Wolny (233.5 m) kept their place on the podium. Ultimately, the Biało-Czerwoni, after Kamil Stoch’s flight of 227 meters, were classified fourth, 3.8 points behind the Austrians.

Germany was fifth, Japan was sixth, Finland seventh and Switzerland eighth.

The first competition series was played with the 11th (group 1), 12th (group 2), 13th and 12th (group 3) as well as the 12th and 11th (group 4) of the starting beam.

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