January 17, 2020

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The Villalia Series of J70 resume with two new days in Vigo

"Marnatura" and "LaGuardia & Moreira" of the Royal Yacht Club of Vigo, and "News" of the Royal Maritime Club of Santander, the J70 Villalia Series resumed in Galician waters with the organization of the Class J70 Association and the Royal Yacht Club from Vigo The event that is a reference of the class nationwide, will have in its fourth act two days, the first of them on Saturday from 13.30.

On the starting line, about twenty monotypes, with the great novelty of the presence of the J70 of the Helsinki Yacht Club in the competition. On Friday the Finnish crew arrived in Vigo with their skipper Jonas Dromberg in front. In the presence of the Nordics in the Galician city, in February the European champion Markus Wieser from Germany with his whole team will be added, confirming Vigo's tendency to become the European Base of the J70 Class, between autumn and spring.

The Villalia arrive at their second installment of the Spring Series, because in this act will be held the fourth act of the five that consists, with nothing decided … because there are three ships that have many possibilities. In the lead the Spanish team component of the Young Americas Cup, Luis Bugallo that has Enrique Freire, Gerardo Prego, Alberto Basadre and Jorge Lorenzo in his crew.

Behind them is "News" of the Cantabrian José María Torcida, who has in his team the Madrid Luis Martín Cabiedes, the Alicante Robin Imaz, the Asturian Francisco Palacios and Santander Santurde Pablo. Complete the provisional podium, another of the great patrons who are in Vigo: Gonzalo Araújo who leads the "La Guardia & Moreira" and whose crew is Jacobo Vecino, Juan Debén, Alberto Viejo and Eloy Ruiloba.

The three in the band 40/50 points. That they have as persecutors the "Patakín" of the Club de Mar de Palma de Mallorca that counts among its crew the "number one" of Portugal Afonso Domingos and the Luis Pérez Canal ourensano ship, the "Green April".

The provisional "top ten", the 2Sogacsa "with Sancho Páramo and the world back Pablo Iglesias, the also patron of Jorge Pérez Canal with" Abril Rojo ", the Corunna" Solventis "with Malalo Bermúdez de Castro, the Canary" One-Eurofrits "complete -Aviko ”with Francisco Alfredo González to the rod,“ 666 ”from Málaga's Laureano Wizner and“ Castrosúa ”that patronizes Willy Alonso… up to 20 boats.

The Villalia series will have their last test of this first phase on February 15 and 16 also in Vigo. The great climax will be held in the waters of the Pontevedra estuary, in the Combarro Marina, the municipality of Poio, with the Championship of Spain at stake, in the month of June. .