The Villalias Spring Series are decided in Vigo

"News" skippered by the Santander Pichu Torcida with Rayco Tabares de Tactico; and Gonzalo Araújo's "LaGuardia & Moreira", which features Lanzarote's Alfredo González, are tied at 60 points in the Villalia Spring Series of J70, organized by Fleet 1 of Spain and Real Club Náutico de Vigo. The Villalia together with the Spanish Championship of L'Escala, are the two scoring events to designate the Spanish representation, in the next World Championship of the J70 class.

Three days ahead of Friday to Sunday, make up the final act of this selective event, which offers several new features such as the confirmed participation of the Catalan boat "Tenaz" by Pablo Garriba of the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona. Another novelty is the presence of the Lusitanian Olympian Afonso Domingos who will sail in the J70 of Mallorca "Patakín", as well as the one that Alfredo González of the Nautical Club of Arrecife of Lanzarote is the strong man of Gonzalo Araújo in "LaGuardia & Moreira".

In general, the J70 of Torcida and Araújo come in head, being the third "Gextiom Group" of the America's Cup skipper Laureano Wizner from Malaga, with Luis Pérez Canal from Ourense with "Abril Verde" who was the winner of the last act celebrated.

Top-ten provisionally completed, the "Marnatura 1" of the component of the team of Spain of "Young America's Cup" Luis Bugallo, the Coruñés "Mercado Boanerges" of Malalo Bermúdez de Castro, the "Patakín" of Mallorca, "Let it be "By the Valencian Baltzer," Pazo de Cea "by Ojea and Cominges and the" Sogacsa "by Páramo and Iglesias.

The tests will begin on Friday at three in the afternoon, on Saturday at twelve and on Sunday at eleven o'clock. The closing at the foot of the pontoon is scheduled for two in the afternoon on Sunday, which will put an end to these Villalia Spring Series. .

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