August 25, 2019

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The viral miracle of impossible cities

Toni Marco Soriano's cell phone started dancing like crazy. I didn't know why it vibrated every second. This Sevillian long-term unemployed kills "the time and sorrows of unemployment and loneliness" by drawing "impossible cities" that he kept in capetas. His son uploaded some to the network and worked the viral miracle. His drawings like, and much, on the internet and the phone dance to the rhythm of 'likes'.

«My father, 57 years old, unemployed and expelled from the workplace, makes these drawings when he is bored, all at hand, no two are alike. He says he doesn't sell them because they aren't worth a hard time, but I'm proud of him, ”tweeted his son, named Toni, as his father. "Self-esteem has lifted me," thanks the father, whose last job was as a security guard.

His son opened an Instagram account and the digital ball rolled. Today there are tens of thousands of followers of Marco's drawings, always in black and white, first on folios and now on cardboards, and that some have compared with those of Piranesi prisons or the futuristic landscapes of 'Metropolis', by Fritz Lang.

Its cities have become more than possible and are stamped on t-shirts, cups, bags or mobile cases for sale on the net for between 10 and 40 euros. And they still reaped 'likes' to palates. Stopped since 2012, "I only received the active insertion income, one year yes and another 'non', and now there is some entrance," Marco congratulates himself from Palomares, his Sevillian people. He tells that he has drawn «always and on whatever paper, from a receipt to an envelope». That he lacks artistic training, "beyond being a voracious consumer of comics," he likes Robert Crumb's cartoons and that the only artist in the family "was an uncle who painted those great movie posters many years ago ».

«Drawings are my way of isolating myself. I am an ordinary guy who has been given a huge injection of self-esteem with this unexpected miracle, ”he says a little overwhelmed by an unexpected success. Proud of him, his son praises some drawings that seem "a damn genius." It never occurred to the father to sell them "and he would not know how to manage it." But his daughter Angela, a designer in Madrid, paved the way and now it is possible to get on the net with her very personal cities inspired "in all and at the same time in none".

Its cities have evolved and tried paint. «But the result does not fill me. It is drawing what catches me and allows me to escape for four or five hours a day. Always a pen, he began "mixing dreams and memories" to draw small and bucolic towns like his. He went on to more complex urban scenes, sometimes mixing fragments of Seville with New York or London, "without order or concert, but with everything in place."

It all started on August 6 with a tweet of his son bounced more than 31,000 times and with 110,000 likes. "If you want to see more drawings (has hundreds!) And incidentally give a tremendous scare, take a look at your IG and leave a comment that you will appreciate," he asks now.

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