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The virus that could explode the football bubble (Toni Padilla)

So much talking about the football bubble and it has finally been a virus that threatens to explode. As if the planet reminds us that we are not unbeatable. Not even those gurus who say it all depends on us, that if we want, we can. Great lie.

Football lives in a bubble. We already knew that and now the virus reminds us. Professional football, though. We live in an age where we want to sum up complex realities in a single headline, when it is often difficult. When we criticize football, we often criticize the excesses and sins of the elite. Little has to do with village football with the Champions League right now. But also in the Champions League you find German players donating a million euros for health care, or giving part of their salary to their club employees to guarantee that they will be paid. Others have shown they live in a second bubble that can make you a jerk. Many have taken private jets for parties or taken quarantine trips to their largest home. Or they have suggested that their followers on the networks play games in a pool. As if it is normal to have a pool at home.

If the bubble bursts, a lot of people will celebrate it, but despite their good reason, keep in mind that those who receive the most are the modest. The rich, as always, will not be the great victims. Modest clubs will fall but the big ones will keep going, though with perhaps the emptyest pockets. In crises, the one who receives before is always the poor, whether in sports, culture or shops. The neighborhood club, the sports center, will fall. Great agents will continue to be rich. Cristiano Ronaldo will not be short of money.

For now, the coronavirus has dealt with eternal enemies. The Federation, the League, the UEFA, the clubs … they all need the competition back as it is, so we don’t lose money. Luis Rubiales, President of the Spanish Federation, admitted the other day that the economic priority is ahead of the competition. You need to put some air inside the bubble to prevent it from exploding. And so we find a scenario with federations and leagues imagining a return to the competition this May, as if it depends on them. At the moment, the players’ unions support this idea, as they know they need the competition in place to keep charging. When the time comes, they may prioritize the health of athletes. At the moment, the president of the German league has warned that if this year’s competitions cannot be completed, many clubs will go bankrupt.

Every week more people lose their jobs. Not only in the clubs, but also in the media, in the federations, who worked in the stadium bars, in the shops … Everyone who works in the sport gets a kick every time a good friend loses his job, as in all sectors. But even if it hurts, a specific part of the sport should take advantage of this crisis to return to reality. Football cannot come back when it wants a small group of people prioritizing money. Will be back when it is safe. The bubble could explode, and you see, it wasn’t the human being who set it against the ropes. It’s been a virus.


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