The Volunteer Busted donor gave Ed Buck to Hillary Clinton, Obama


The donor arrested after another man went into a house in California sent his thousands of dollars to a wide range of state and national democratic politicians – including President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Ed Buck was arrested on Tuesday for a drug house and other crimes after a man made Methamphetamines at his West Hollywood apartment last week.

The man survived, but two others – Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean – died in overdose in Buck apartment over the past two years, promoting protests trying to catch him.

Buck, a former model who earned fortune selling a courier business in Arizona, made most of his donations – $ 300,000 – with the Animal Pac / Mercy Social in Legislation for animals that recommend humane treatment of all animals, According to analysis by Los Angeles CBS dating back to 2009.

A West Hollywood, Ca. home owned by Ed Buck
A West Hollywood, Ca. home owned by Ed BuckAP

But the 65-year-old Buck called “a violent, dangerous predator” in court papers, tens of thousands of dollars in cash out for some Democrat politicians between 2007 and 2016.

In addition to donations given by Clinton and Obama Buck to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Representative Ted Lieu and Representative Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Information Committee.

Moore, 26, who was homeless and worked as a prostitute, died in Buck's house in July 2017, and Dean, 55, was found dead last January.

Buck prosecutors showed Buck as a victim of his victims.

“From his home, in power condition, Buck handles his victims to participate in his sexual adult,” according to court papers. “These fleets include the personal provision and administration of dangerous narcotic doses to his victims. …. The defendant did not kill a third victim last week.

Buck is expected to arraigned Wednesday before prison over five years.

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