Friday, 14 Dec 2018

The Walking Dead: from the series to the movie?

And if the series ended unexpectedly thanks to the big screen? The idea would not be discarded.

Many possibilities

The Walking Dead is out of breath. So that the question of a stop of the series arises . There is still at least a 9th season on the program. But after ? If the series continues its descent into hell? It may be time to release a project that many have dreamed of for a long time: an adaptation on the big screen. This would be an opportunity to offer a real end to the fans. Especially, the series is still very profitable, we hardly dare to imagine what would give from a point of view of the entries a film …

Vulture asked Scott Gimple about this. If he will not be showrunner next season, he will instead capter the entire universe (so also Fear The Walking Dead). And he does not rule out the possibility of a movie. ” This kind of diversification we talk about yes. All the different ways we have to tell a story, what we can use or not … There is a whole universe of possibilities. ”

There are precedents

To end the series with a film would not be something revolutionary or completely absurd. There are many precedents that have had more or less success. One can think of Stargate SG-1 which concluded with two films in 2008. A trilogy planned in 2008 was finally canceled. The strongest example is probably the film that ends Veronica Mars. It has the incredible feature of being funded by fans.

However, if AMC does not want to release the goose that lays the golden eggs, Netflix’s solution with Sense8 could be the most suitable. While the platform wanted to finish the Wachowski series without offering an end, it was finally a two-hour episode that was proposed. A beautiful death if we can say. Finally, there is no reason to be ashamed of it. After all, Georges R.R. Martin himself dreamed of a movie to close Game of Thrones. But given the budget and the length of the episodes of the last season, it is likely to be more than fulfilled.

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