Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

The Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: Showrunner drops Maggie hottie | TV and radio | Showbiz and TV

The trailer for Season 9 of Walking Dead is premiered at San Diego Comic-Con and confirms that there will be a jump in time

The new series will follow the group of survivors following the All Out War events with Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Another important point to remember from the trailer is Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) is no longer pregnant.

She could be seen without her baby in season 9 Angela Kang recently unveiled what it meant for the leader of The Hilltop.

At a conference in San Diego Comic-Con, she said: "Maggie was We finally come to see the baby"

He comes after Angela teased the details of Maggie's trip in an interview with Deadline.

"With Maggie, we'll see that we start the season with her in a good place, but of course, she made a promise at the end of the" 1965-19002 "So we're going to tell a story about it."

"Rick and Maggie are one of the basic relationships we have with her." We're really going to feature a lot of those long-standing relationships in the season I hope the fans will love as much that we liked to do it and the actors liked to play it, that's all I can hope for. "

Maggie's trip was not the only character that was discussed.

Andrew Lincoln talked about his upcoming release of the zombie series.

" I'm really very excited about this season. "

" Nobody is bigger than history, and this year's story is amazing.

"My relationship with Rick Grimes is far from over," he added

. : "This will be my last season playing Rick Grimes."

"I love this sho w.This means everything to me.I love the people who make this show."

"I especially adore the people who watch this show." [19659002] Season 9 of Walking Dead will air on FOX later this year 19659021]