The White House launches a website to denounce the "censorship" of social networks

The portal launched by the US presidency wants to identify examples of abuse of moderation on the part of the major platforms of the Web, in the name of the fight for "freedom of expression online".

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Donald Trump at the White House, May 13.
Donald Trump at the White House, May 13. EVAN VUCCI / AP

On Wednesday, May 15, many heads of government, and representatives of major Western Web platforms, gathered in Paris to launch a "Christchurch Appeal" to better combat Internet and social media content.

The United States has only timidly supported this call: the White House said it was in phase with the objective of the text, presented by Emmanuel Macron and Jacinda Ardern at the Elysee, but also said that it does not would not support it formally.

And a few hours later, the US Presidency has chosen to pursue another campaign related to content regulation issues posted on the Internet. The White House has indeed launched a site urging American Internet users to testify to any censorship they have suffered from Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

"They do not treat me well"

"The Trump administration is fighting for free expression online. Whatever your opinion, if you suspect that you have been censored or forbidden to speak because of political bias, tell us, we are interested! ", posted the official account of the White House, accompanied by a link to this portal called "Tech Biais" (which could be translated as "political party tech industry").

Even if this initiative says to address all, "Whatever their opinions", it is part of Donald Trump's desire to demonstrate that technology giants and major US Web companies are practicing alleged discrimination against Republican Internet users.

Recently again, Donald Trump was offended by Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, invited to the White House. "They do not treat me well as a Republican. (…) Constantly delete accounts. Heavy complaints from many people »had written just before this meeting the American president.

For years, the tenant of the White House and the elected Republicans sharply criticize the big companies of the Web (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube …), accused of favoring the Democrats through choices of moderation and settings.

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Testimonial and screenshots

"Too many Americans have had their accounts suspended, banned or fraudulently denounced for obscure" violations "of the rules of use", justified Wednesday, May 15, the White House. The portal invites people wishing to report their misadventure to deliver their experience in writing. "Share your story with President Trump", suggests the White House, addressing users who believe they have been victims of a "Political prejudice".

According to the specialized website The Verge, who tested this site, the form asks users to provide screenshots, links or other information related to the "Censorship" which they consider to have been the subject, stating whether it occurred on "Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or an" other site "". Contacted by The VergeFacebook and Google have not officially wanted to comment on this feature. A spokesman for Twitter has reminded that Twitter moderation rules apply "To all users, regardless of their political affiliation".

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