The White House prepares for a possible deployment of 120,000 soldiers in the Persian Gulf

When Donald Trump was installed in the White House surrounded by generals, the hierarchy of the Republican Party relied on civil offices to neutralize the warlike spirit of an erratic president. Two years later even the generals have turned out to be very moderate for Trump, who has replaced them with hawks like John Bolton. "I'm the one who has to temper him," he admitted publicly last week. What's more, "if he were already involved in several wars for me", he complained, according to CNN sources.

One that the secretary of National Security has in mind since working in the government of George W. Bush is the one that would aim to overthrow the regime of the ayatollahs in Iran. "I've been saying for ten years that we have to overthrow him at the first opportunity," he said in a speech in 2016. Since Thursday, he has the military plan on the table.

He was introduced by acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan at his request, two days after the president nominated him to remain in the position vacated by General James Mattis. The option that has been presented to him includes the deployment of 120,000 soldiers in the region to respond to Iran's nuclear development or a hypothetical attack on US forces, which with this deployment would present more possibilities of shock.

According to 'The New York Times', which has published the news exclusively, a ground invasion is not contemplated for which the military strategists anticipate the need for many more troops. The figure, nevertheless, approaches the 130,000 that the USA sent for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, of which Bolton was one of its architects.

Some interpret the leakage of this plan as a provocation for Iran to rearm and provide excuses for war. Others argue that this deployment would serve to dissuade an Iran emboldened by the US withdrawal from Syria. In any case, Trump described the news of 'fake news' on Tuesday, without losing the opportunity to threaten Iran. "I would? Absolutely, although we have not planned it and we hope we do not have to. But if he did, we would devilishly command many more troops than that. "

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