The white race begins to be oppressed: Why did Eva Burešová stop listening to Beyoncé?

At the same time, she was determined to find out that Queen Margaret of Anjou was played by a black-skinned actress in a BBC series, even though the queen was, according to available information, a pale and blonde woman. “I am not a racist and I cannot be. It does not make sense for me to have an African-American among the members of the royal family who could not be there. I understand that it is necessary to fight for it and we should be united so that blacks or African Americans, I do not know how to say it so that I do not touch someone, get more roles to work, but again, I think they are doing it wrong. I don’t know how to do it myself, but banning downloading movies and changing movie titles is not quite right, “she continued.

“If we keep retreating, we will get somewhere from which there will be no way back,” she added at the end.


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