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The “White Star” shone with a very bright glow! Wisła Kraków destroyed Stal in Mielec

Wisła Kraków made us wait for the first victory of the season for a long time. However, when she did it, it was done in a very effective style. The “White Star” smashed the newcomer from Mielec, winning 6-0, and it was away.

Before the match with Stal Mielec, coach Artur Skowronek did not have an easy situation. Admittedly, at the pre-match press conference, the coach of the “White Star” was “washing his eyes” a bit, claiming that not only the injured Aleksander Buksa would be at his disposal, but the reality was definitely more brutal. A large group of players could not play in Mielec. The list included such names as: Jakub Błaszczykowski, Łukasz Burliga, David Niepsuj, Nikola Kuveljić, Adi Mehremić, Stefan Savić and Gieorgij Żukow. Rafał Boguski fell out on the final straight as he was infected and ultimately the Wisła team for the match with the newcomer comprised only seventeen players.

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There were also many problems in Stal. The coronavirus was mainly hit by the training staff. That is why the hosts in the match against Wisła was led by one of Dariusz Skrzypczak’s assistants, Maciej Serafiński.

The hosts started offensively, they made a sharp move towards the Vistula. Their momentum, however, lasted maybe two minutes, and in the following fragments the “White Star” dominated, which began to create situations after Yaw Yeboah’s actions. It was the Ghańczyk who played first to Felicio Brown Forbes, who made his debut in the Krakow team, and then to Jean Carlos Silva. The first defender, and Rafał Strączek defended the Brazilian’s shot.

Michal Frydrych handed over Wisła’s offensive players in 10 minutes. The Cracovians cleverly played a throw from the car. Dawid Abramowicz threw the ball. A few Wisła players “cleared” the foreground, thanks to which the Czech’s task was easier. And as Paweł Tomczyk was late for him, it was enough for Frydrych to add a leg to send the ball to the net.

The hosts were surprised by this turn of events, and the “White Star” soon had more chances with Jean Carlos Silva and Felicio Brown Forbes shooting.

Steel woke up momentarily between 21 and 22 minutes, when first Mateusz Lis tried to surprise with a sharp-angle shot Petteri Forsell, and then Krystian Getinger. In both cases, however, the Wisła goalkeeper was at the post.

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It was only a break in the absolute domination of the “White Star”. Soon Dawid Abramowicz could have scored a goal, but Rafał Strączek saved his shot. The goalkeeper of Stal had absolutely nothing to say when in 29 minutes the action was carried out by Patryk Plewka, who passed to Felicio Brown Forbes. Wisła’s new striker had a difficult position to shoot, but he managed to hit the ball cleverly with his heel and it fell into the goal.

Wisła did not have the slightest intention of stopping there. It is true that Paweł Tomczyk had a good chance for a goal in 37 minutes, but the Cracovians increased their lead a moment later. Yaw Yeboah behaved very well in the penalty area, who withdrew the ball to Chuka, and this shot surprised the goalkeeper Stal with an unacceptable shot and thus finished a very good first half by the Cracovians.

Just like the Wisła players finished the first half, they started the second. In 47 minutes, Vullnet Basha sent a long pass. Yaw Yeboah came to the ball, who fell into the penalty area and with a shot into the far corner scored the fourth goal for Wisła. However, Artur Skowronek’s charges were still not enough. In 53 minutes they played the ball in the middle of the field for a long time. In the end, the ball went to Yaw Yeboah, who fired precisely from a distance. Good enough for the ball by the post to go into the net!

Only another three minutes passed and it was already 6: 0 for Wisła! This time Jean Carlos Silva hit from a distance. Rafał Strączek bounced the ball, but right at the feet of Patryk Plewka, who calmly reached the empty goal.

Wisła had a high lead and could slow down the game a bit. It didn’t mean that the good times for the guests were over. In 67 minutes it should really be 7: 0, when Dawid Abramowicz had a 100% chance after the action of Jean Carlos Silva. He did, however.

It was really the last good opportunity for Wisła to score in this match. Stal had several chances to score at least an honorable goal. It was not, however, the day of the newbie. The final minutes looked like the Cracovians played football calmly, played it for a long time and waited for the final whistle. Anyway, judge Dominik Sulikowski took pity on the hosts and did not add even a minute to the regular time, ending the match exactly after 90 minutes.

Stal Mielec – Wisła Kraków 0: 6 (0: 3)
Goals: 0:1 Frydrych 10, 0:2 Brown Forbes 29, 0:3 Chuca 39, 0:4 Yeboah 47, 0:5 Yeboah 53, 0:6 Plewka 56.
Stood: Pod – Flis (75 Żyro), Blyszczko, Kościelny, Getinger (46 Prokić) – Matras – Forsell (60 Wróbel), Tomasiewicz, Urbańczyk, Domański (46 Sus) – Tomczyk (66 Zjawiński).
Vistula: Lis – Szot (71 Gruszkowski), Frydrych, Sadlok, Abramowicz – Yeboah, Basha (89 Hoyo-Kowalski), Plewka, Chuca, Silva (78 Michał Mak) – Brown Forbes (71 Beqiraj).
They judged: Dominik Sulikowski (Gdańsk) and Radosław Siejka (Łódź) and Dariusz Bohonos (Gdańsk). Yellow cards: Flis (27, lazy), Zjawiński (73, lazy) – Silva (68, lazy). Viewers: match without the audience.

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