The whole world wants to go into space

Mond and Mars are experiencing an onslaught, the technology of the missions is becoming more sophisticated and more and more countries are involved. The list of space plans advanced around the world is long – and even the film industry is involved. Here is an overview:

United States: The year 2021 will be for the American space agency Nasa Bring changes. After Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, the current NASA boss Jim Bridenstine, appointed by incumbent President Donald Trump, has already announced that he will quit. Who will replace him and the acting head Steve Jurczyk who will succeed him in the long term was initially just as unclear as the question of whether the Democrat Biden wanted to make fundamental changes to his country’s space strategy. However, he had announced several times during the election campaign that NASA would not only conduct research in space, but also more geologically on earth, in the fight against the climate crisis.

One thing is for sure: in February 2021, the next NASA rover, “Perseverance”, will land on Mars. Launched at the end of July, the robot, which weighs more than a ton and is the size of a small car, will search for traces of previous microbial life, explore the planet’s climate and geology, and take samples of stones and dust. Also with the transport of astronauts to the space station ISS should it continue – after the successful start with the “Crew Dragon”, possibly soon with the problem-plagued “Starliner” from Boeing.

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In addition, the previous strategy was: By 2024, the next man and woman should land on the moon; and both are supposed to be Americans. However, the schedule and budget of the “Artemis” program are tight. A kind of space station is also to be created on the moon and will serve as the basis for a manned flight to Mars, albeit in the more distant future.

Russia: Space nation Russia wants to advance a whole series of ambitious projects in space despite major economic problems. Most recently, Kremlin chief Vladimir insisted on this Putin. The head of the Roscosmos space agency, Dmitri Rogozin, announced that he would start with the plans for the Russian lunar program, for example. To this end, a lunar mission, the “Luna 25” space probe, will start again in autumn 2021 for the first time in 45 years. Russia wants to build a space station on Earth’s satellite in stages by 2040.

At the end of 2021, Russia plans to fly two space tourists to the ISS space station for the first time in more than a decade. Since the American Dennis Tito’s first trip in 2001, Russia has brought a total of seven tourists to the ISS, the last one in 2009. The cost of such a trip is estimated at 50 million dollars.

Work on a feature film by the director Klim Schipenko, parts of which will be shot in the cosmos, is also to start. The film with the working title “Wysow” (challenge) aims to heroically portray the cosmonaut’s profession, as stated by Rogozin and the state television broadcaster Perwy Kanal. The United States is also planning a shoot on the ISS. Hollywood star Tom Cruise should take on one of the main roles.

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In the “Sphere” project for satellite-based Internet access, Russia wants to launch 600 satellites into space. One of the strategic tasks is “to maintain Russia’s leadership in the global space market,” said Putin.


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