The winners of the 21st edition of the awards

Rosalía, Carlos Vives and Natalia Lafourcade were the big winners of the 21st edition of the Latin Grammy, with three awards each.

The ceremony took place in the city of Miami, with a production in which the public and the red carpet were not present due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Also, several presentations of the nominees were made virtually with connections to places like Buenos Aires; Guadalajara Mexico; Rio de Janeiro; Madrid, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Rosalía, Vives and Lafourcade: three Latin Grammys each

This is the second consecutive year in which Rosalía has led the awards. His three golden gramophones arrived at the previous awards ceremony, which was streamed through the Latin Recording Academy Facebook account.

Two of the awards were for the single “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi” that he performs with Ozuna. That song was the winner in the categories: best urban fusion / performance and best urban song. The third gramophone was for the video for “TKN”, a song he performs with Travis Scott, which won the category of best short version music video.

Meanwhile, Natalia Lafourcade won the most coveted award of the night, the album of the year, for “Un canto por México, Vol. 1”. He won the other two Latin Grammys for his song “My religion” (“best regional Mexican song”) and “En Cantos”, a song by the Puerto Rican singer iLe that he performs with Lafourcade.

For its part, the production “Cumbiana” awarded Carlos Vives three Latin Grammys in the categories “best contemporary album / tropical fusion”, “best tropical song” for “Song for Rubén” with Rubén Blades and “best music video version long “for his documentary” The Lost World of Cumbiana. “

J Balvin arrived as one of the night’s favorites as he was the most nominated artist of the delivery, with thirteen mentions, and after breaking the Guinness record established by Calle 13 in 2011 from the artist with the highest number of nominations in a year.

J Balvin receives his Guinness record which certifies him as the most Latin Grammy nominated artist in a year. (Credit: Guinness World Record)

However, of the 13 nominations, Balvin only obtained a Latin Grammy in the category “best urban music album” for his album “Colores”.

2020 Latin Grammy winners

The winners of each category will be represented by letter in bold and an asterisk.

Record of the year

  • «China» – Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, with Ozuna & J Balvin
  • “When you are here” – Pablo Alboran
  • «Vete» — Bad Bunny
  • «Solari Yacumenza» – Bajofondo with Cuareim1080
  • «Red» – J Balvin
  • «Tutu» – Camilo with Pedro Capó
  • «What I see in you» – Kany García & Nahuel Pennisi
  • “Tusa” – Karol G & Nicki Minaj
  • «René» – Resident
  • «With you» – Alejandro Sanz *

Album of the year

  • “Table for two” by Kany Garcia
  • “For the first time” by Camilo
  • «Air (Day version)» by Jesse & Joy
  • “A Song for Mexico, Vol. 1 »by Natalia Lafourcade *
  • «Pause» by Ricky Martin
  • “The conquest of space” by Fito Páez
  • “Cumbiana” by Carlos Vives

Song of the year

  • «ADMV» – Vicente Barco, Edgar Barrera, Maluma & Stiven Rojas, composers (Maluma)
  • «Bonita» – Juanes, Mauricio Rengifo, Andrés Torres & Sebastián Yatra, composers (Juanes and Sebastián Yatra)
  • “Elbow to elbow” – Jorge Drexler, composer (Jorge Drexler)
  • «The same air» – Edgar Barrera, Camilo, Jon Leone, Richi López & Juan Morelli, composers (Camilo)
  • «For sale» – Alejandro Sanz & Carlos Vives, composers (Alejandro Sanz and Carlos Vives)
  • «#ELMUNDOFUERA (Improvisation)» – Alejandro Sanz, composer (Alejandro Sanz)
  • «What I see in you» – Kany García, composer (Kany García and Nahuel Pennisi)
  • «René» – Resident, composer (Resident) *
  • «Sharks» – Oscar Hernández and Pablo Preciado, composers (Ricky Martin)
  • «Tusa» – Kevyn Mauricio Cruz Moreno, Karol G, Nicki Minaj & Daniel Oviedo Echavarría, composers (Karol G and Nicki Minaj)
  • «Tutu» – Camilo, Jon Leone & Richi López, composers (Camilo with Pedro Capó)

Best New Artist

  • Anuel AA
  • Raw Alejandro
  • Mike Bahia *
  • Cazzu
  • Knowing Russia
  • I am emilia
  • Kurt
  • Nicki nicole
  • Nathy Peluso
  • Petition
  • Wax

Best Pop Song

  • «Love in quarantine» – Raquel Sofía
  • «Bonita» – Juanes and Sebastián Yatra
  • “When you are here” – Pablo Alboran
  • «Tutu» – Camilo feat. Pedro Capó *
  • «Once more» – Ximena Sariñana

Best Urban Music Album

  • «Emmanuel» – Anuel AA
  • «YHLQMDLG» – Bad Bunny
  • «Oasis» –  J Balvin & Bad Bunny
  • «Colors» – J Balvin *
  • «Ferxxo (Vol. 1: MOR)» – Feid
  • «Nibiru» – Ozuna
  • «1 of 1» – Sech
  • «Easy Money Baby» – Myke Towers

Best Tropical Song

  • «Búscame» – Kany García and Carlos Vives
  • «Song for Rubén» – Rubén Blades and Carlos Vives *
  • «Imagine myself without you» – Elvis Crespo and Maribel Vega
  • «Stay» – Paula Arenas, Debi Nova and Juan Pablo Vega
  • «And enough already» – Pavel Nuñez

Best singer-songwriter album

  • “Sublime” – Alex Cuba
  • «Recent (advance)» – The David Aguilar
  • “Table for two” – Kany Garcia *
  • «3:33» – Debbie Nova
  • «And after all» – Yordano

Best Ranchera / Mariachi Music Album

  • «Anthology of ranchera music» – Aida Cuevas
  • “Made in Mexico” – Alejandro Fernández *
  • «To the 4 winds vol. 1 ‘Ranchero’ »- Eugenia León
  • «Dancing sones and huapangos with El Mariachi Sol de México by José Hernández» – Mariachi Sol de México by José Hernández
  • «AYAYAY!» – Christian Nodal

Some winners announced at the preview ceremony:

Best Pop Vocal Album

  • «Spoiler» — Aitana
  • «Prisma» – Beret
  • «For the first time» – Camilo
  • «More future than past» – Juanes
  • Pausa — Ricky Martin*

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

  • “The Metamorphosis” – Reyli Barba
  • «Compadres» – Andrés Cepeda y Fonseca *
  • «Thirteen» – Andrés Cepeda
  • «¡Spangled!» – Gaby Moreno y Van Dyke Parks
  • “Looking into your eyes” – José Luis Perales

Best Urban Fusion / Performance

  • «China» – Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G feat. Ozuna and J Balvin
  • “Let’s talk tomorrow” – Bad Bunny, Duki and Pablo Chill-E
  • «Blue» – J Balvin
  • «Sing it» – Ricky Martin, Residente and Bad Bunny
  • «I x you, you x me» – Rosalía and Ozuna *

Best Contemporary Album / Tropical Fusion

  • «Energy to give away» – El Caribefunk
  • «My demolition» – Riccie Oriach
  • «Butterflies» – Omara Portuondo
  • «Alter ego» — Prince Royce
  • «Cumbiana» – Carlos Vives *

Best Reggaeton Performance

  • “I perreo alone” by Bad Bunny *
  • «Purple» by J Balvin
  • «Crazy with you» by DJ Snake & J Balvin feat. Tyga
  • “Please” by Feid and Justin Quiles
  • «Chicharrón» by Guayanaa feat. Cauty
  • «I dreamed of you again» by Ozuna
  • «Si te vas» by Sech and Ozuna

Best Rap / Hip Hop Song

  • “Before the world ends” from Resident *
  • «Money dance» by Anuel AA
  • Duki’s “Drip”
  • “Kemba walker” by Eladio Carrion and Bad Buny
  • «Medusa» by Jhay Cortez, Anuel AA and J Balvin

Best Pop / Rock Song

  • «Pain» by Rosalía
  • “The song of the beasts” by Fito Páez *
  • «I want you to call me» from Knowing Russia
  • “I want to live” by Draco Rosa
  • «Last Words» by Los Mesoneros

The complete list of Latin Grammy winners can be consulted here.

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