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The woman awaiting prison sentence is not allowed to eat, bathe, claim a lawyer

SANT ‘ANTONIO – A 24-year-old pregnant woman was treated “inhumanly” for three days while she was awaiting sentencing in a detention cell in Bexar County prison, the woman’s defense attorney says.

Defense attorney Demetrio Duarte said the problems started after Rosalinda Olalde, who Duarte claims to be in fragile health, was found guilty following a DWI incident that killed one man and seriously injured four others.

“She was not allowed to eat on that particular evening (Wednesday). She was not allowed to bathe, she was not allowed anything, “Duarte said during a conference on the bench with the district court judge Jennifer Pena, who was presiding over Olalde’s trial.” Tell someone that you are not allowed bathing for three days when you should be in a courtroom is inhuman. And my dog ​​had more food than this lady. “

The woman gets a 6-year prison sentence in the DWI wreck that killed a man, injured 4

Duarte filed a formal complaint about the alleged treatment with Pena.

He said the problem did not concern the judicial staff, but rather the prison staff.

Witnesses describe the emotional damage left by the fatal wreck of the DWI

“This incident is currently under investigation by the detention administration for possible policy violations and may include disciplinary action,” the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Monday.

Pena said he will also look into the matter.

Olalde was sentenced to six years in prison on Friday for manslaughter and intoxication charges.

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