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The woman with coronavirus urges others to “calm down” since “she looks like just a jet lag”

A coronavirus patient urged the others to “calm down” after saying that she had no idea that she had even taken the virus, comparing the symptoms to a “long cold”.

Bridget Wilkins from London returned to her hometown of Australia for a friend’s wedding via Singapore last week and is currently isolated from Brisbane hospital after testing positive for coronavirus.

The 29-year-old acknowledged the “very serious” nature of the epidemic, while saying that much of the “hype and hysteria” surrounding it was undue.

“The message that I would like to spread to the world is that maybe someone already has it, and it is very common symptoms, such as headache, sore throat or just tiredness,” he said.

“[I thought] I had these symptoms because I had traveled for over 30 hours.

Bridget believes she captured coronavirus on her journey from London to Brisbane

“I still have those symptoms, but nothing more.

“It is certainly not as serious as some titles are doing it.

“I didn’t think I had coronavirus. I thought I had jetlag.”

Bridget was forced to lose her friend’s wedding and told 7NEWS that she has no “idea” when, where and how she got the virus.

He hopes to be out of hospital this week and says he believes most people will recover from the disease.

He said his symptoms are sore throat, headache and feeling tired

“There’s a lot of hype and hysteria in the coronavirus news,” he added.

“There should be. It is very serious, especially for the elderly and people with existing conditions.

“But I think we have to calm down, because for most people, like me, it’s just a long cold that we can shake off.

“There are many other serious conditions that I think headlines and attention deserve.”

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