The women of the Sun: they were the greatest loves of Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel turns 50, in which most of them have been kept in the crosshairs of the public eye. Since his debut at 12 the audience has seen him grow, mature artistically, and fall in and out of love multiple times. Beautiful actresses, singers, conductors, athletes and socialites they are part of his extensive sentimental history; Nevertheless, Sun prefers to always keep it under a halo of privacy and secrecy.

The success he achieved at a young age in Latin America and Europe, the disappearance of his mother Marcela Basteri and the shadow of mistreatment by his father King Luisito have fueled the curiosity of an audience that has elevated it to a cult status and who wants to know every detail of his idol.

Your current marital status places you as one of the most coveted men in the world of fame, and his talent, the enigma that surrounds his life, his power in the middle and the fortune on his account give you privileged status. Evidence of this is the long list of women who have left their mark on the heart of Mickey as their love calls it fans and friends.

Luis Miguel is said to have had a fleeting relationship with the actress. Adela Noriega in 1984 when they met on the recording of the video clip “Word of honor”, and although this romance was never confirmed, sources assure that Noriega, then 15 years old, was very much in love with him. After an intermittent race, currently lives away from the public scene after his last appearance in the soap opera “Fuego en la sangre”, 2008.

When they filmed the movie “Fever of love” in 1985, both were among the few teenagers in the industry, pubescent stars of an almighty Televisa, so the public and the press much speculated that their friendship was something more. “Lucerito”As she was known at the time, she has reiterated that they were only very good friends and nothing ever happened between them. In 2019, 34 years after the filming of the tape, he confessed to journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda:

In 1987 the photographer stole Luis Miguel’s heart, who is a few years younger than her, and who asked her to participate as a model in the emblematic clip “When the sun heats”. The chemistry between both characters was such that, at just 18 years old Luismi decided to go live with her. The romance ended when Yazbek traveled abroad to continue preparing academically.

The actress was the one who announced that she had a relationship with Luis Miguel in the mid-80s -when both figures were at a very important moment in their careers- despite there being a difference of 13 years of age. In 2018, the protagonist of “The strange return of Diana Salazar” confessed to the program First hand that when he had an affair with MickeyHe deceived her regarding his age of majority, a situation that could well have generated legal problems.

The member of the Pinal dynasty is one of the great mysteries in Luis Miguel’s love life, since there are no concrete data on the circumstances in which they were known or who presented them, beyond what was presented in “Luis Miguel: The series”, where this episode is narrated as a casual relationship. Stephanie became the mother of Luis Miguel’s first daughter in 1989, Michelle Salas. The popular influencer from the fashion industry was recognized by Luismi like his daughter until he turned 15.

In the early 90s it was rumored that they had a very special relationship, without formalities, and although at the time it was not confirmed, it was until 2007 when Rebeca De Alba confessed that Sökol was a girlfriend of the singer. The model assured that they shared the department to which Luis Miguel used to serenade the former Timbiriche. De Alba herself has been involved in rumors about a courtship with him, however he has always defended that there was only one friendship.

Friends since childhood because of the close relationship between their parents, this romance lasted intermittently, and although the courtship was successful, the relationship did not prosper due to his busy schedule and his endless commitments. His story was captured in the series that tells the life of the singer, who is waiting to release his second installment. The political sister of actor Jaime Camil She is currently married to the federal deputy and former Garibaldi, Sergio Mayer.

In 2018, Lucía Miranda, widow of the manager Luis Miguel shared to Who how was the stormy relationship that the couple lived.

They met in 1990 and remained together until 1993. The Cuban-American model and businesswoman was popular throughout the continent for his participation in the incipient Latin version of the famous channel MTV, and at the time it was spread that the hit “The unconditional” was dedicated to her. Some voices point out that Fuentes was the reason for the enmity between Luis Miguel and Cristian castro, who was also allegedly interested in her. 10 years later they would try to resume their courtship, but Luismi left him for peace.

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In 2017 the driver told Tell me what you know who currently has no contact with him, but remembers him with much affection.

Another famous romance was that of the singer with the ex miss Venezuelan, who was said was the apple of discord between Luis Miguel and Daisy Fuentes, gossip that have only been left in rumors. The also actress recently narrated the program Today how was the courtship by Sun:

In the late 90s, Salma Hayek was looking to make a place for herself in the Hollywood ranks, reason why some assure that it was she who stopped seeing the singer -with whom a romance was never confirmed- to focus on his rise to world fame, although they attended the Oscars gala in 1997 together. Last year, she referred to him as “her friend” when she congratulated him on his 49th birthday.

They met at a Christmas party in 1998 in Aspen, Colorado and from there they remained three years together, when the romance was in a tailspin in 2001. After a sentimental dedication of the singer to Luismi on his hit album Rainbow, and although rumors of an alleged wedding in Morocco circulated, The couple ended their relationship. Mariah had to be hospitalized for depression when they finished, being herself who has stated that at that time she suffered a nervous breakdown. Luis Miguel has often referred to it, hinting that it was an important romance in his life. Since that breakup, Mariah has gone through several unsuccessful relationships.

After meeting in September 1999, when she traveled to interview him, Luis Miguel courted her in 2003, year in which the driver left the participation she had had for years in the Univision program “First impact”, presumably to fully enjoy his romance with Luis Miguel, however, Myrka’s daughter Alexa’s indiscretions are said to have ended the romance when the young woman even said that her mother and the singer were getting married. “No, Alexa, don’t say that”, corrected Dellanos, who then only said that between her and Luis Miguel everything was going “very well, for now”.

In 2011 Aracely confessed to the media that Luis Miguel did not spend time with his children, and in 2013 filed a support suit. Already in 2015 the actress was calmer, confirming that Luismi He was a responsible father, although on several occasions he has said that he does not see much of the children. The press assures that Aracely has been the only woman who really fell in love with Sun, because it has been with whom he has shared family moments before his public.

The socialite, friend of Kim Kardashian and Eiza González, she met Luis Miguel in 2012 at a Los Angeles restaurant; and although it was only an adventure, she declared to have fallen in love after the short romance, according to his statements in 2013 to the program The fat and the skinny:

This young Venezuelan woman dedicated to journalism It has been one of the last to join Luis Miguel’s list of conquests in 2017. The also businesswoman made her romance public from the beginning, being very open about it on social networks, attitude that the singer did not like, and that was allegedly the trigger to end the relationship.

The latest romance of Luismi was unveiled in 2019, when it was released that He was trying a relationship with his showgirl, dancer, and also a model, 20-year-old Mollie Gould. Little is known about this girl and, as captured by different media, since 2019 they have been seen together at an Ecuador airport, on the beaches of Miami and aboard a train in Madrid. Last year when Luis Miguel was awarded a Grammy in the category of “Best album of regional Mexican music ”, The North American dedicated a tender congratulation to her Instagram stories:

Furthermore, on the day of thanksgiving, the tour dancer “Mexico on the skin” issued a discreet message referring to his romance with Luis Miguel: “Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am very grateful for my family, friends and for being in love this year. ”

A new love under the Sun?

Nevertheless, recently it was announced that the singer would be dating another young womanbecause the cameras of The fat and the skinny they caught him strolling on his yacht with a mysterious woman who is not about Mollie Gould, which leaves open the possibility that Luis Miguel He is still looking for the woman who will make him fall in love forever.

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