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The Audit Office told the Senate this week’s estimates, gave evidence on oath, Brian Boyd said it was the prime minister’s office that had been removed and another was added after parliament had been extended.

It was the morning of April 11th. And then there were further lists to go to the prime minister’s office from Bridget McKenzie office.

Bridget McKenzie’s office then sent another list that afternoon that added nine projects and eliminated one.

The thing is, what we’ve seen here are 136 emails from the prime minister’s office and from Bridget McKenzie’s office among them. And the prime minister won’t release those emails, won’t release that information.

The prime minister’s office has been in this up to his neck. And this is obvious to everyone. And the real problem here is, Fran, that this is a pattern.

We can’t find out when the prime minister went to Hawaii, the problem was that they couldn’t even say who the prime minister was. It was that lack of control.

We had the Brian Houston incident so for reasons beyond my understanding, the prime minister said it was just gossip.

And now a month later he confirmed that it is a fact. And as for sports, we saw an attempt to hide this, an investigation by the former prime minister’s staff chief who examined the results of the independent auditor, who didn’t even have access to the emails, who did not interview any of the prime minister’s staff, designed to provide a reason to throw Bridget McKenzie under the bus and protect the prime minister.


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