The World Cup of France leaves a sweet aftertaste while claiming


Lyon woke up serene the day after the World Cup final. Like any Monday. No trace of orange tides nor of shirts of bars and stars -well amortized, by the way- that during these days have given color to the banks of the Rhône and the Saône. It only gave clues of an irremediable hangover the fan zone of Bellecour square in the process of dismantling and the suitcases dragged up and down.

The world Cup He says goodbye to France and does so with a sweet aftertaste as well as vindication. The stadiums have offered a great aspect as evidenced by the million tickets sold and the average of assistance 75.6%. The audiences
television has skyrocketed compared to the results of four years ago – more than a billion people have been hooked to the television, according to the FIFA– and thousands of children have marched through the venues, and especially girls, wearing T-shirts Henry, Kerr, Martens, Morgan or Rapinoe. The latter is the great winner of the tournament. Golden Ball, Golden Boot and determinant in the demanding eliminations of the champion U.S, Rapinoe has taken advantage of his excellent performance on the pitch to raise his voice outside him. Committed to the movement
LGTBI and contrary to any kind of social discrimination, he spoke openly and let him know Trump through the press that would not go to the White House if they were champions.

The struggle between one and the other has nothing to do with it. The American president answered him that before speaking he would dedicate himself to "doing his job" and that was what the champions clung to the throne. "Equal pay! Equal pay! "Shouted the bleachers during the celebration. Surely putting the trophy on the table will give them more strength when negotiations resume to achieve the desired salary parity.

Possible transfer of powers

The growth of European countries puts at risk the preponderance of the United States in the near future

France 2019 is another step towards the normalization of football, whoever practices it. Many have seen a women's match for the first time and it will not be the last. The priority now is to strengthen the interest generated and give continuity. The level of teams and selections is increasing. The growth is unstoppable, which makes foresee a transfer of powers in a matter of time. The preponderance of the United States is nearing its end. Part of this golden generation will be dismissed and in the next World Cup the European countries in peak -among them Spain- will put, at least, more pressure.

That FIFA has announced twice the investment for the development of women's football is good news. In France it has been revealed that many countries still live another reality. The ups and downs of Jamaica's trip to compete in the World Cup is a movie. Cedella Marley, daughter of the legendary Bob Marley, contributed with the foundation of his father to defray part of the expenses of the Caribbean team. Another unique case is Chile. Their players organized and created a union to put pressure on their federation, which had left them aside. Of being two years without competing and disappearing from the FIFA ranking to achieve the first triumph in a World Cup. The motto of the tournament challenged the players of the 24 countries to shine ('Dare to shine'). And they shone. Wow, they did.


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