The world’s richest person buys a giant cruise ship for IDR 7 trillion


Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man who is the founder of the giant online store Amazon, can buy almost anything he wants. Most recently, the man who according to Forbes has a current asset of around USD 185 billion bought a super luxury yacht.

Quoted detikINET from CNN, the price of the ship is around USD 500 million or more than around Rp. 7 trillion. Not only is it luxurious, its size is reportedly enormous, the equivalent of an American football field.

Bezos reportedly ordered the ship two years ago from a Dutch company, Oceanco. Not being told what the facilities are, but of course it is super complete. There is even an escort ship with a helipad.

The price of USD 500 million is certainly very small for a Jeff Bezos. Especially in this pandemic era where many people buy goods online, Amazon is getting stronger and makes Bezos’ wealth increase by around 75%.

The ship is of course to channel his hobby of traveling other than by private planes. Some time ago, Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez vacationed at the luxury Cabo San Lucas resort in Mexico by private jet.

Bezos and Sanchez who are former television presenters, started to open up about their relationship in 2019. Jeff Bezos divorced his wife, MacKenzie, because of his relationship with Sanchez.

No longer the CEO of Amazon, Bezos clearly has more time even though he still holds the position of Executive Chairman. In his message to Amazon employees, Bezos emphasized that he could not really be separated from Amazon, although of course he would not be involved as intensely as when he was CEO.

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Another activity is to focus more on his charity foundation, the Day 1 Fund. In addition, Bezos will be busy with space company Blue Origin and take care of funding the Bezos Earth Fund. Last year, through this initiative, Jeff Bezos promised to spend USD 10 billion to help scientists, activists and environmental protection non-profit organizations to fight climate change.

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