The worst British pedophile died raped and suffocated

A British pedophile, who sexually abused almost 200 children, was raped and murdered in prison by another inmate who wanted to make him feel the “taste” of what he did to his victims and what did the attack as “poetic justice.”

While the brutal killing occurred on October 13, 2019, the details of this “carefully planned and executed attack” were revealed on Wednesday, in the framework of a trial at the Crown Court in Hull, Yorkshire.

The so-called “worst pedophile” in British history is Richard Huckle, who was murdered in his cell after being abused with a kitchen utensil. In addition, the murderer, identified as Paul Fitzgerald and who was also imprisoned for sexual crimes, put a pen up his nose until it reached his brain and strangled him with an electric cable. In turn, the deceased presented signs of blows to the face and kidneys, and a stab wound to the neck.

A day after the murder, Fitzgerald admitted to a mental health specialist that he wanted not only to kill Huckle, but to cook his remains afterward. He also claimed that he planned to murder two or three people and that he “had a lot of fun” during the attack he carried out. In the same way, he told a medical specialist that he raped Huckle to make him feel “the taste” of what he did to his victims, all minors, and described his attack as “poetic justice.”

Similarly, the defendant pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and his defense alleges that it is actually a homicide with diminished responsibility. According to a psychiatrist, at the time of the attack, the killer suffered from psychopathy, mixed personality disorders and gender identity disorders.

The depraved Huckle had been sentenced in 2016 to 22 life sentences for raping 191 minors between the ages of six months and 12 years. All of his victims were subjected to while volunteering at orphanages in Malaysia and Cambodia.

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