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On April 27, 1992 Antonio Fraguas I received him in his apartment on Calle Montero Ríos, in Santiago. It was the first time we talked, despite taking time by carting. An epistolary relationship that was born from the outcry of a curious teenager who wrote to a man he admired as someone who iced a bottle to the sea with a message inside: without much hope that the answer would come. Obviously, if he arrived. It could not be otherwise mediating the generosity and goodwill of Fraguas.

-I confess that I keep wondering why he was responding to that unknown boy.

-As first thing, it does not bother me asking me, they write me, they talk to me. The only thing that can happen is that the better one is somewhat hurried, but it is about agreeing to talk about something that I can know, except politics.

– Why not politics?

-There is a time I'm very fond of juggling politics.

-It's perhaps also because he suffered the consequences of devoting himself to politics.

-This has long been. I was with Castelao in the last speech of the Statute that was made in Galicia. It was on the Road, at 36. It was a holiday season and a meeting was held in which I also talked. In addition, a communist had spoken, that I did not even remember how he was called, but past a while I remembered it well. I was denounced and I was stopped. And less badly than I did not finish in the cemetery.

-But what he had to suffer was not too bad. Losing your teacher's place, having to survive fear and injustice …

-Our generation has passed times somewhat difficult that ogallá not repeat. They are historical mishaps by fortune always very distant. And then, look, in Galicia there is unfortunately something: the minifundio. But the worst minifundio we have is the ideas. Here everyone goes through their site. And if we say: "Well, but you're thinking." Because in the place where many think, you think. But here … Today, Jan thinks like this, tomorrow, tomorrow, think about this and last night. Xan already thinks about it.

-This also happens within Galicianism?

-Here happens that before being Galician, that is, being Galician lovers and doing everything possible for and for Galicia, I'm from a party. I do not like that. Our party should be the good of Galicia.

-I am sure that more than politics, what you do not like are politicians.

-My, when the Civil War began, there were chieftains who changed hard socialists at a railway station and the next one was already in motion. Now they stopped the movement and they will be … know God what!

– Do you love any political system that could serve as a model?

-I have for Democrats the English, but of course, before democrats are English. When the World War ended, they asked Mister Churchill to shake a hand and replied: «The British government will be pleased that Spain will restore a democratic government. " Carajo! You know that they should tell you when you were to embark on the forces and had to re-board the Channel and you saved all the people thanks to the Spanish brigade that resisted there.

-Why is a political group sympathetic at the moment?

-I always say that I have a party and I am the president and vice-president, and as the secretary has not yet come, they are also the secretary.

– To do a bit of everything has always been a constant in your life.

-I have enough orders and how are the typist, secretary and chairman, it takes me longer because it's a very bad typist, because I've never learned to write more than for myself looking well after letters.

-And now also the official chronicler of Galicia.

-Estimated more was not it. More worthy of Fernández del Riego or Meijide Pardo. Now, of course, I'll have to do some chronicle. Let's see if this summer I get.

-Not let it calm down …

– When I retired I was sitting in that chair where you are now and I said to my wife: "Now I will do what puts me: I will study the nursery." The phone was filgueira, it was Filgueira: «You forgot, you have to make a conference about the dolls». I accept and … since then I'm doing what they ask for me.

«Once I dance with a witch»

Since the days of university studies, Compostela has become the center of the world for Fraguas. Perhaps because in that city he found summarized everything that fascinated him, as a man and as a scholar.

-How do you remember that city he came to study?

-A Santiago does not seem almost anything like today because the fields where corn was harvested and potatoes are covered with buildings, some have ninety houses, with more neighbors than those living in my village.

-The University also has nothing to do with what you knew.

-You already have more means and opportunities. Soon there were no photocopies, the notes passed by hand. I remember some books with the rules of phonetics that I did and sold for five pesos, with which I could go and go back to Pontevedra, and go there on Saturday and Sunday, without going to the movies and without having coffee or inviting anyone.

-And he is also an adoptive son of Santiago.

-I know myself a very son of Compostela. When they decided to give me that title, it seemed to me that the decision was reached, because, Lord, I think that I have done more for Santiago than many saints who walk around.

-What character would highlight in Galicia's history as the most relevant?

-But to Archbishop Xelmírez. I knew how to use this country. He worked as a great feudal lord to defend the tomb of the Apostle. And Santiago, without a doubt, owes what it is.

-What do you think the true essence of Galicia still holds?

-No poetry and music. Of course I do not like everything that appears as Galician music or culture today. Not even sometimes it seems to me music or culture. Let's not talk about the traditional substratum, that he is doomed to lose himself.

-Dese world endangered keeps some curious memory?

-Once I danced with a witch. I did not know that he was doing it but he was pretty good girl and he sacked her to dance a grip.

«I was aware of what to learn it was very pretty »

Loureiro de Cotobade was the memory of the childhood that accompanied Fraguas throughout his life and that marked not few of his remarks and works. He remembered the games and rhymes of luck to perfection. «I had a curious childhood. He played with the other boys to the balls, to the ball, to the black pita, to the sneeze, to the Zamanquiño, who played on the thigh leg, the girl and the little pig, which is a kind of primitive Galician hockey. The ball and the shovels were made of buzzard. "

Emigration has planned several times over it as a fate of destiny. "My father was a stonemason, but it was a bad stool, he did things quickly. Instead, he had very special skills. At home I still have plans to make a railway line. It was that of what worked on emigration. He wanted to take me to Brazil and that I was a driver. And I used to love to be a bonfire. "

The capacity for the study saved him from that destiny. «I went to a school of the old system from five to twelve years and did not know how to conjugate or decline. I once taught me a map, to mark where Verdún was, that they were bombarding it at that time. Things were done because yes. ''It is written with h because it is the time of the verb to have". I spent an entire year thinking it would be that. In the end I was asking my father and he did not know what he meant. He said: "There is spring time, of autumn, of winter … but that's the time of the verb to have …" ».

A few months before the agreed date for his departure to Brazil, Don Antonio, the teacher who put his school to Famelga, went to his meeting, one kilometer from his house, and who knew why they went to the same parish church. "It was beginning with him and at fifteen days he already knew a lot of things. And I did not know that learning was very pretty. He told my father that he did not send me to emigration, which I was worth to study for a career. My father liked having told him that he was ready, but not so much as to give me a career. There were no resources. We had a two-section granary, which means that there was not a large part there. But my mother, nothing else to know, said: "I study" ».

Act today at Cotobade

Cotobade is the place where the Academy will celebrate today the act in honor of Fraguas, in the oak forest of Famelga (11.30 hours). Clodio González Pérez, Fina Casalderrey and Francisco Díaz-Fierros will intervene to offer different visions of the life and legacy of the homage.

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