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The Xsolla Carnival Game Developers is a virtual event for developers

Xsolla has announced that it will hold a virtual game experience dubbed the Game Developers Carnival as a way to help small game developers connect and conduct business. The event will take place in the sandbox game for PC Your World on April 20 and April 21, with the aim of providing a fun and interactive environment for individuals and companies to connect and conduct business.

An optional GDC Relief Fund package will also be offered for early adopters, with all proceeds earmarked for the effort that has been put in place to offset the costs lost by independent developers with the postponement of the Game Developers Conference, which was originally set from March 16 to March 20 in San Francisco. The GDC, as well as the larger E3 gaming event, was canceled due to the coronavirus.

“With the numerous cancellations of industry events, Xsolla wanted to help the developer / publisher community by creating the first Carnival of game developers as a technological alternative to allow individuals and companies to do business safely and effectively, in the most possible goal, “said Alexander Agapitov, CEO of Xsolla, in a statement. “We invite all video game professionals around the world to take part in the Carnival, whether you are an artist, a programmer, a marketing or development expert … come, come all.”

The Game Developer Carnival will take place in your world. With it, you can build 3D booths to show things like games and products. You can also create minigames and theme park simulations. Participating developers can build virtual stands from premade models or enlist digital artists to create custom stand designs.

The stands will be loaded into a virtual world where developers can engage attendees as exhibitors, host meetings, answer questions, collect resumes and more. Xsolla is partnering with the MeetToMatch matchmaking service to allow attendees to organize meetings using their expert planning tools.

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