The XXIII Almirante Rodríguez Toubes Regatta was presented at Vilagarcía

The regatta in this edition will also award the special Juan Sebastián Elcano Trophy commemorating the V Centennial of the 1st World Tour to the absolute winner of the ORC Class and will once again be among the four selected races that can be scored for the Galicia Cup of Cruises ORC of Clubs of the Royal Gallega Vela Federation, as well as for the Galician Agabace Classics Championship (Galician Association of Classical and Vintage Ships).

The presentation of the event was carried out by the president of the Real Club de Regatas Galicia as host, Mr. Manuel Jesús García Rodríguez and the Commander-Director of the Naval School, Captain of the ship Mr. Ignacio Cuartero Lorenzo, who was accompanied by the president of the Royal Galician Vela Federation, Mr. Manuel Villaverde; the sports concelleiro of Vilagarcía, Mr. Argimiro Serén; provincial sports delegate of the Xunta, Mr. Daniel Benavides and some of the main sponsors such as the president of the Quintá Extrugasa-Extrumar Group, Mr. Andrés Quintá and also Frinsa, Mr. Ramiro Carregal.

The participation in this occasion is limited for the Cruises measured in the ORC system counting for the first time also with the category A Two, as well as for the Classic and Vintage boats measured in the JCH system under the Agabace classification rules,

The first stage will be held on Saturday, May 18, starting at 11:30 am, leaving in the vicinity of the Naval Military School in Marín and ending near the sporting docks of the port of Vilagarcía. In total they will be approximately 25.5 miles of route after passing through the coast closest to La Lanzada.

The second stage, scheduled for Sunday May 19, will also be a coastal route but in the opposite direction to the previous day and with departure at 11:30 am.

According to the rhythm of applications for registration so far, despite still missing several dates for the start of the test, it is expected to be close to 40 registered units. A somewhat larger number than in the last editions where there was always between 30 and 35 boats, making it the most numerous race of all those that score for the Galicia Cup.

Among the participants, only attending the pre-registered so far, we can highlight in ORC the arousanos representatives of the Riveira Sports Nautical Club, the "Grupo Santorum & Martínez" (First 45f5 – Javier Durán), as well as the "Réve" "(First 375 – Laurent Duteil-Club Nautico Vilagarcía) and the" Fixius "(First 27.7 – Miguel Pérez Lafuente- Club Náutico Vilagarcía, while from the Muros and Noia estuary will come boats as powerful as the Siradella (Imx 40 – César Alvarez – RCN Portosín) and Meigas Fora (First 40.7 – José Jodesido – RCN Portosín.) For the southern part of Galicia, the most numerous fleet at the moment will be the Pontevedra with boats like the "Ziralla Primero (Astraea 330 -Ramón Barreiro-RCN Sanxenxo), "" Grifo "(First 27.7 – Francisco Freire – RCM Aguete)," Limay "(Bramador 34 – José Luis Smith – CN Beluso)," Santiago Roma Rías Baixas "(Fortuna 9 – Iñaki Carbajo – CN Beluso); "Sebral to 2 "(Bavaria 50 – Magin Alfredo Froiz – RCN Sanxenxo)," Aguieira I "(Sun Odyssey 40 – Celestino Campelo – RCM Aguete); "Mar de Frades" (First 31.7 – Jorge Carneiro – Ro Yachts), "Travesio La Riviere conserves" (Yatlant 24 – Pablo de la Riva – RCM Aguete); "Quen Vai" (Ro 330-Laureano Santiago-Real Club Mar Aguete) and "Argalleiro" (Ro 330-Fernando Otero-Ro Yachts) for now. And for the Classics and Epoch the team is exceptional with some schooners in the Navy and others as good as Cassandra, Belisa, Sara O … .. But as we say, registrations are still being confirmed as the deadline is still Friday 17th (tagsToTranslate) present (t) vilagarcia (t) xxiii (t) regatta (t) admiral

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