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The Zionist Regime Trying to Cover Up Its Defeat …

The Zionist regime of Israel is considered to be deliberately buying time to surrender in front of the terms of the resistance group and the imposition of a ceasefire.

This was emphasized by the spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, Abdul Latif Al Qanou. The Zionist regime, he said, continues to try to cover up its defeats.

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“Israel’s statement about the phases of aggression against the Palestinian people is tantamount to creating an illusion in the minds of the Zionist settlers. “If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thinks he can weaken the stronghold of the resistance and paralyze its strength, then he is delusional,” he said, Monday (17/5/2021).

As quoted by the Palestinian news site, Sama, Al Qanou emphasized that the Israeli attack on the infrastructure, roads and homes of Palestinians shows the real inability of this regime to face the attacks of the resistance groups.

“Like it or not, today or tomorrow, Israel will surrender before the conditions of the Palestinian resistance group,” he assured, as also reported by Pars Today.

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