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Theme nights about lung cancer and smoking cessation

on May 24, 9:39 p.m.

General Short News

NIJMEGEN – At the Marikenhuis at 163 Slotemaker de Bruïneweg in Nijmegen, there will be a meeting on Tuesday 31 May on the theme: ‘Lung cancer and smoking cessation: where there is smoke, there is fire’. An interactive meeting from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on (new) tips and treatment options for lung cancer and smoking cessation. Free admission.

The initiators are Michiel Spanbroek (CWZ lung oncology specialist) and Tiny Rooijendijk (ZZG lung care nurse and smoking cessation coach). Topics include: What is the current state and are there new insights into diagnosis and treatment options? What role do risk factors such as smoking, asbestos, other carcinogens and COPD play? How does the disease affect my condition, both physically and psychosocially? What choices do you have to make? How can I approach my loved one (s) or environment in a good way to stop smoking?

The meeting is for all those affected by lung cancer, both (former) patients and their loved ones, as well as smokers and co-smokers. Tonight is free to participate. Please register via www.marikenhuis.nl.

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