Theme pizzas for Dante’s Night: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso

On the occasion of the Night for Dante and in honor of the eighteenth century of the death of the Supreme Poet, the Ravenna-based pizzeria MadyPizza has created three pizzas dedicated to the songs of the Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. The pizzas can be enjoyed throughout the weekend and on special occasions during the celebrations. A creative idea that joins the many initiatives planned for the “white night” in Ravenna and the 700th anniversary.

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Eugen Ungureanu, pizza chef of the restaurant who passionately learned this profession who arrived in Italy from Romania 20 years ago, created the pizzas making visually and with the ingredients the Dante’s imagination to offer a modest homage to Dante through his culinary “art” : for Hell he used mozzarella, tuna, rocket, red peppers and stuffed hot peppers; for the Purgatory dough with cocoa, nutella, cotton candy, powdered sugar and pistachio grains; for the Paradise mozzarella, courgette flowers and egg.


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