There are queues at Primark even a week after opening. As of Saturday, there may be more people inside

Queues are formed in front of the Primark store in Prague, which is the company’s first point of sale in the Czech Republic, a week after its opening. According to a ČTK correspondent, dozens of people were waiting on Wenceslas Square in a reserved area on Thursday afternoon. The company welcomes the fact that from Saturday it will be able to increase the permitted capacity and welcome more customers, said the regional manager of Primark for Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic Maciej Podwojski.

Primark placed its first domestic store in a newly built multifunctional building standing on the corner of Wenceslas Square and Opletalova Street. The store is spread over three floors on an area of ​​approximately 4600 square meters. At the moment, 313 customers can shop in it at once.

Since Saturday, the government has adjusted measures for retail, one customer will not account for 15 square meters of operating space, but ten meters. Primark will thus be able to admit approximately 150 more people to the store at one time.

“We have invested heavily in the security of our customers and employees, including security staff who help with queue management, for example. We have also invested in improved security measures in stores. Our customers have responded very well to these measures and have been very understanding,” he said. Podwojski. He did not say how many customers had already come to Prague’s Primark.

According to Jan Kotrbáček, the opening of Primark in Prague is the most significant entry of a new brand in the category of family fashion and accessories into the domestic market in the last two decades, according to the partner and head of the retail space rental team for Central and Eastern Europe of Cushman & Wakefield.

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According to Kotrbáček, Cushman & Wakefield registered a higher interest of retailers in nearby retail areas, which was similarly important for the last time, according to him. The opening of the first Swedish clothing brand H&M store in 2003. In connection with the opening of the Primark store.

The Prague Primark store is the 396th branch of the brand. The company plans to put the second branch in the Czech Republic into operation next year in Brno.

Video: “I’m curious. I want to compare it with Dresden,” people confided at the opening of the Primark store in Prague

“I’m curious. I want to compare it with Dresden,” people confided at the opening of the Primark store in Prague. | Video: Kristýna Pružinová


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