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There are secret “understandings” from Hurdal – VG

SUMMER STYLE: Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre had read in advance in Dagsavisen that he should sunbathe with sleeves rolled up at press conferences. Støre was not happy with the weather anymore, but he did his part to respect the prediction.

PARKVEIEN, OSLO (VG) Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) says VG, the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party have agreed on more than what is said in the public government platform in Hurdal.

Støre rolled his shirt in the heat of the sun and summed up the last six months of the crisis in front of journalists who sweated and security guards in the field behind the prime minister’s residence.

On the menu were strawberries and cream and swallowed with brown cheese. And a summary of a crisis-rising six-month period.

Lastly, after the pandemic, power crisis, war, high oil prices and constant rising interest rates, is the municipal crisis in Kristiansand.

Two weeks ago, the government announced that they would hold a referendum in the former Søgne and Songdalen municipalities on divorce with Kristiansand in the 2023 municipal elections.

The three municipalities merged in 2020, and in December last year Kristiansand City Council said no to a referendum on municipal divisions.

On Monday, Støre traveled to the southern village for cleaning – following an urgent invitation to his own local party.

SUMMER READY: First, Støre answered polite questions about vacation and life at the prime minister’s residence. And there were far tougher questions, about tax concessions on suburban housing, war and crisis.

– Some understanding

The Prime Minister has already denied that there is a so-called “b-protocol” secret from the government’s negotiations in Hurdal – and that Kristiansand was clarified already last autumn.

– Through these conversations, we write a common document, which is the Hurdal platform. And I mean that there is some understanding of such a negotiation process, where you are in the realm of politics, that provides some forward guidance, Støre says VG.

– I do not want to comment on this form of work, other than when people asked me: “Is this and Kristiansand written in October?”. Then I mean that this case gets a completely different dimension in relation to what has happened since then. And the answer is no.

Politically sensitive issues

– Was it mentioned orally then?

– No. But that Sp was concerned that some of the coercive processes were necessary to look at again, and they became priorities in relation to where they had the opportunity to do things.

– Where there is an understanding, are there politically sensitive questions?

– Yes, it can. But I have some more comments on that. Our project is in Hurdal. There is understanding of values.

SUMMER HEAT: The sun is not shining on APS measurements at the moment. But at the Prime Minister’s summary press conference, it was hot.

– Lost good minister

Støre mentioned the ministers who resigned this spring when he summarized the last six months.

– We lost good ministers. I’m sorry about that, says Støre.

Labor Minister Hadia Tajik resigned in March, following the suburban housing case. The case began with VG revealing that he received tax-free suburban housing on the basis of a contract that was never used.

Defense Minister Odd Roger Enoksen (Sp) resigned in April, after VG mentioned a relationship he had with a young woman when he was minister in Stoltenberg’s government.

– Wise with as many openings as possible

Støre also said that he does not want to ask for every one of the politicians who received timely taxes to stand out.

– The relationship between individuals and tax authorities is of a personal nature. I want to be careful about cutting everyone on a comb in terms of the way they approach it.

– I do not want to stand there and say that everyone must present everything in public. But I would like to add that I encourage the public as much as possible.

– Is it wise to be as open as possible?

– It is wise and as open as possible.

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