“There is a paradox in Alexander De Croo’s speech …”

After the saga of masks which marked the beginning of the epidemic (remember the strategic stock destroyed on the order of Maggie De Block or the Avrox masks ordered by Belgium but which we still wonder if they are not dangerous for health), we are now entering another phase that some already qualify as a masquerade, obviously spelled ‘masquarade’.

Because following the Consultation Committee on Friday, it has now been understood that each region will have carte blanche to dictate its rules regarding the wearing of a mask. There will be a common base under which no one can go. For the rest, it’s up to the Belgian to juggle depending on where he is and to know his geography well! In the north of the country, for example, it will no longer be necessary to wear the mask in shops, while it will remain compulsory in Brussels and Wallonia is still considering the issue. The province of Liège has already taken the lead. Governor Jamar issued a decree on Saturday requiring people over 12 to wear masks, even after October 1.

“These differences by region are likely to sow confusion”, regrets Yves Coppieters, epidemiologist at the ULB. “Because we are very mobile in our small country and then, I find that there is a risk-taking on the part of the federal government with regard to contamination. I am not talking here about the serious forms of the Covid but about the numbers that are likely to go up. The threshold of 50 new contaminations per 100,000 inhabitants may be difficult to reach (we are currently at more than 200) and the positivity rate of the tests remains too high (we are at 5%, it would take 3%). In short, yes, we can speak of ‘masquarade’. Because there is a paradox in Alexander De Croo’s speech. The Prime Minister stigmatizes the unvaccinated while relaxing the measures on the mask, as if the situation had returned to normal. It would hold up if we were still dealing with the basic strain of the coronavirus. However, we are confronted with the delta variant, which is much more contagious. For me, it was necessary to wait until the end of October and the fall to announce the slightest relaxation. How are we going to absorb the return to school and univ ‘and the end of telework with the fact that we live more indoors? “

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“My mask, even in Flanders! “”

Masquerade also because, for Dr. Coppieters, we will end up deceiving the citizens. “I am afraid that at the end of the day, the citizen will lose the mask reflex and say to himself: I am vaccinated, therefore no longer need the mask. Flanders accepts that we drop the mask, so why not me? “

The epidemiologist tells us that he will always wear the mask in stores until the end of winter. Even in Flanders. And too bad if everyone looks at him with round eyes. “The mask must become an individual tool, to be pocketed and worn responsibly. When there are people ”.

Federal base: from October 1, the mask will be compulsory in the interior spaces of public transport, train stations and airports; in health care establishments; for staff and patients / clients of medical and non-medical contact professions; during events, cultural and other representations, sports competitions and training, and during congresses bringing together more than 500 people inside. The Regions (Brussels has already decided) could be more restrictive.


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