There is a “torpedo” for Carlo and Camilla Because nothing will ever be the same again

its NetflixSeason 4 of the series has been available for just a week The Crown which tells, without mincing words, the life of the English royal family. The new episodes this time focus on the most tormented years of the reign of Regina, those in which the Prince Charles moved with Lady Diana. In that period, that stormy marriage, which later capitulated in the death of the beautiful princess in August 1997, inevitably marked the life of the Prince but also of the whole family. Over time, with difficulty, the court PRs have tried to rehabilitate the figure of Carlo, identified by public opinion as the real culprit of what happened to Lady D. And, in this respect, the Netflix series is creating not a few problems at court. Sources reveal that Prince Charles’s popularity as that of Camilla is ai historical lows, again.

And since the series is causing a lot of discussion on and off the screen, London is thinking of a strategy to try to limit the damage. Evidently, reverberating a news story that is still etched in the hearts of the public, had a boomerang effect on the royal family. To date the Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, with difficulty, had managed to rehabilitate their image after the scandals that split the family during the 80s and 90s, but some sources inside the palace would say that the Prince would be very worried for what is happening around him. The press, in fact, returned to talk about that “threesome” marriage and a whole series of gossip that had populated the pages of the newspapers. Finding a strategy to calm people down is the only plausible choice. Until now, however, it has not yet been understood how to remedy the problems.

Meanwhile, the indices of satisfaction of the royal couple and, according to experts, this small hitch could undermine the rise of Prince Charles to the throne of England. It is rumored that in 2022 Elizabeth’s eldest son could become the new regent. These concerns, however, could convince the sovereign to change the cards on the table again. More than justified concerns, given that the prince would have confided in many trusted friends, revealing that he would not intend to watch even one episode of the well-known TV series. Yet for the royal family The Crown it is a real must. The queen, for example, is a huge fan of the Netflix series.

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