“There is going to be an explosion!”

Thierry Neyens, owner of a hotel-restaurant in Arlon and president of the HORECA federation in Wallonia, sometimes has the impression of being Don Quixote who is fighting against windmills. The recent easing measures, taken during the last Codeco, do not suit him, nor those of players in the HORECA sector.

“We are changing the rule of close contact, we are talking about a return to school in person, a restriction of the curfew. Very clearly, all of this is not going to help us. Because these criteria will not be respected. People already do not respect the rules so much, it will be even worse, ”he said, fearing an increase in contamination which would risk compromising the long-awaited reopening.

►► “There, we exceeded the threshold of the tolerable. These are the weeks too long, there is going to be an explosion! », He confides.


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