There is no detected case of coronavirus in San Juan

Rawson Hospital decided to use the coronavirus action protocol according to the national standards established to settle any possibility. We remind that in international airports medical controls have been established on flights from countries that present the virus, and that the febricula is a symptom of hundreds of possible pathologies, however due to the origin of the patient the maximum possible control is performed.

From the Government of the Province the maximum prevention measures are being developed but also of action in these cases. That is why tranquility is transmitted to society, since this control does not imply the presence of the virus nor should it generate any type of alarm in the population, it is precisely done in cases where someone comes from some of the endemic areas.

As it has already happened in other hospitals throughout the country, it is not a suspicion, but a preventive mechanism by which a protocol is activated to avoid, if positive, the spread of this disease


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