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The rumor had been around for a long time, numerous scientists warned us about it and are now underlined the WHO it again. There is no evidence yet that corona patients are immune after recovery, so the WHO warns countries not to use so-called “immunity passports” for the time being.

This is said by the WHO in response to a measure in Chile. As of next week, people who have been healed can walk freely on the street again – with a special document ‘the immunity passport’.

After all, it is not at all certain that if one has antibodies, one is also immune. People have been speculating about this for months, and now the WHO also endorses this. There is still too much unclear to start working with “immunity passports”.

“Before you come up with means such as an immunity passport, a lot of research is still needed into the build-up of immunity. You must be able to offer certainty and not false security. It is still unclear to what extent people build up immunity after a covid infection, especially if it has gone mildly. Just like the flu virus, the corona virus can adapt a little each time. If you contracted the coronavirus in China and fell ill, it cannot be ruled out that you get sick in Germany because of a slightly different variant. ”

More research will have to be done before countries start working with a system around ‘immunity passports’. It is hoped that Chile will also listen to the WHO message.

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