There was a bag on the street with a big bundle of money. The honest finder handed everything over

The men’s leather bag, which lay on the ground at the end of October in Jilemnického Street in Mladá Boleslav, contained exactly 106,558 crowns. The loss of such an amount of owner certainly hurt a lot. However, he was very lucky – the bag was found by a man who behaved respectfully.

“The honest finder took the bag to the Trio police station, where he handed it in. The police documented everything and handed it over to the municipality, which manages and regularly updates the agenda of losses and finds,” said Mladá Boleslav spokeswoman Šárka Charousková.

The owner of the money, of course, reported the loss, so it was not difficult to ensure their return. “Thanks to the initiative of the employees of the Security and Crime Prevention Department, the handover of the cash bag was also attended by a finder, an employee of Škoda Auto, whom the happy owner could personally thank for his honesty,” Charousková described the happy reunion.


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