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There was also Bohuš Matuš! This is his new profession

However, the whole event broadcast live was not paid, which, due to the circumstances, does not completely play the singer’s cards. The theaters will remain closed for some time, so the singer had to start thinking about another financial source to support his girlfriend Lucinka and her newborn daughter Natálka.

“It’s so sad to remember that the concerts I did last year were beautifully sold out and great. I’m so sorry we all ended up like this. We all have to stick to it. And I’ll probably go to work from the New Year, “revealed the singer of the Super website. cz.

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Matuš’s new job is really far from singing. However, he is aware of the fact that he is now financially responsible for more people than just himself – moreover, it is not entirely easy to find a new job quickly these days. However, luck in this case smiled at the singer, although it is an unconventional profession on his part.

“I found a job in Kladno with friends in a construction company. And what could I do other than an adder, a helper. But maybe it would be well paid. As I say, he’s a friend, so maybe he won’t hit me. I just don’t know how I’ll be to pursue rehearsals for the musical Heavenly Love, it’s all so complicated, “the singer adds anxiously.

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