There would be IEPS for marijuana: Arturo Herrera

Following the approval of the Senate for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal, recreational and scientific purposes, and that will have to be ratified by the Chamber of Deputies, the head of the Ministry of Finance, Arturo Herrera Gutiérrez, indicated that it is possible to apply the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) to endorsed products derived from this substance.

“Indeed, it will have to be taxed and taxed with the IEPS,” Herrera Gutiérrez declared during his participation in the Fiscal Pact forum, coordinated by the College of Mexico.

The official explained that, in the world, there are taxes that seek to discourage the use of goods or services that produce evils in a direct or secondary way, for example, gasoline, which, although it has a primary use, one of its effects is that it pollutes .

“This type of tax is designed for goods that produce evils, that is, directly or secondarily … for example: gasoline generates pollution; alcohol and in some countries, sugars. That would be the channel to implement, an IEPS if the consumption of marijuana is legalized, ”Herrera Gutiérrez said.

On Thursday, November 19, Senate of the Republic approved the legalization of marijuana for uses recreational, scientific, medical and industrial. Now, the project has to be reviewed and discussed by the Chamber of Deputies for final approval.


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