Theresa May alone with her Brexit


The announcement was made public Tuesday, May 14 in the evening. After a three-hour meeting with her government, Theresa May announced that, regardless of the outcome of negotiations with the Labor Party on Brexit, she will present in the week of June 3 to the UK parliament vote the "Bill" UK exit from the EU.

A technical term that bypasses the "obstacle" John Bercow. The Speaker of Parliament had warned the Prime Minister that she could not vote the same text several times without any change.

Brexit: Theresa May Urges Members to Find "Consensus"

Beyond this hurdle, Theresa May, who has repeatedly said that she wants to see the UK leave Europe with an agreement, will still have to convince MPs to vote her "bill" that she intends to present. week of June 3rd. The hope is that if the text passes the Commons vote quickly, British MPs elected to the European Parliament will not have to sit on July 2, even though the United Kingdom voted in 2016 to leave this instance.

The impossible consensus

But for this timetable to be respected, it would be necessary for the cross-party negotiations between Theresa May's team and that of the Labor Party, which are entering their seventh week, to advance. Which is far from being the case. They have still not generated any consensus so far. And if government officials say the discussions are " useful and constructive The statements of members of Jeremy Corbyn's party suggest the opposite.

Britons traumatized by Brexit

The stumbling block is the customs union in which Labor wants to maintain the United Kingdom. " Theresa May was opposed to it, as hard Brexiters of his party, but could accept it on the condition that it is limited in time, and that services are excluded, including financial transactions, analysis Bernard Cros, lecturer in British civilization at the University Paris-Nanterre.

She sent this week her Brexit Chief Advisor, Olly Robbins, to Brussels to test this proposal on Europeans. " In addition to the customs union, the Labor conditions its support for a confirmation referendum after the vote of the law. And the party of the liberals is on the same line Adds the academic.

" The moment of truth "

Without opening to the left, she can no longer count on her right. " We are approaching the moment of truth Said one of the members of the British government, giving an idea of ​​the tension also prevailing within the conservative party. Because if Theresa May is struggling with Labor, she is also with her peers.

Thirteen former members of the government, as well as Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee, which brings together conservative non-cabinet members of parliament, wrote him a letter published by The Times, asking him not to accept Labor's request for a customs union. . "(Otherwise) You would lose the loyal center of the Conservative Party, would our party burst (…)"is it written there? "We ask you to think about it again. " "No leader can tie his hands to his successor, so an agreement would be at best temporary, at worst illusory" continues the missive.

Thursday, May 16 evening is scheduled a meeting between the Tories and Theresa May. The knives will be fired. Some will ask him the date of his departure from Downing Street and hope that it will be done as soon as possible to prepare the succession at the head of the party. A new test awaits the one who had made it a point to complete the Brexit.

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